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16 Handles Debuts New Healthy Breakfast Menu



It’s a known fact that New Yorkers are always in a rush. Some of us, myself included, even have a bad habit of not eating a healthy breakfast (or any at all!) every morning. Luckily, popular frozen yogurt franchise 16 Handles will change the way the New Yorkers eat breakfast.

16 Handles revolutionized frozen yogurt when it opened up its first self-serve shop in the East Village in 2008. Seeing how much success that had, they have decided to try it again; but this time the focus is on healthy breakfast foods. This new self-serve breakfast option will make it easier for New Yorkers to get a healthy breakfast while on the go or in a rush. 16 Handles launched this new menu at its Chelsea location on February 25th to rave reviews. I had a chance to sample some of the breakfast options and I was very delighted with what I had. Customers will have the chance to purchase fresh yogurt, acai bowls, and hot oatmeal, along with toppings that include vegetables, fruits, granola and nuts.


It seems that 16 Handles is always ahead of the curve, and this cements the company as one of the few that has its finger on the pulse of what their consumers need and want. This new menu will be in effect from 8am to noon and then they will switch over to their original frozen yogurt menu.

If you haven’t tried any products from 16 Handles, I suggest you check them out! You can learn more about the different flavors that they have by visiting their store and also inquire about fro-yo parties! Because who wouldn’t want to attend a fro-yo party? No one I know!!

Twisted Talk: Have you visited 16 Handles before? What do you think of this new menu? Discuss below!

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