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Norsing Around for A “Taste of Iceland” + VIP Ticket Giveaway

In a land of sagas and Eddas, where Nordic and Gaelic culture blend just south of the Arctic Circle, stands the country of Iceland. The country is home to roughly 320,000 residents and the highest consumption per capita of Coca-Cola, it was originally founded in 874 AD by Norse settler Ingólfr Arnarson. In modern-day, the quaint nation showcases beautiful glacial […]

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Nordic Cheeses Come To NYC

Aquavit, a top Nordic Restaurant, in the Park Avenue Tower on East 55th Street, serves up some traditional and seasonal Nordic cuisine. With items like Swedish Meatballs for lunch, and five course tasting menus for dinner, this Michelin Star restaurant is traditional with a modern flare. Recently, Unika by Castello, which is a line of premium artisanal Danish cheeses, has made […]

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