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The Power of Poison

The American Museum of Natural History never ceases to come up with clever and interesting exhibits to entertain the masses. One of their currently fascinating exhibits is called The Power of Poison, and looks at poison’s role in nature, history, literature and myths.   Begin your journey of discovery in the Chocó forest, located in Colombia, where poisons come in […]

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Get Your Tickets to Pilgrims of the Night

Into zombies? Adultery? Gold-digging? Len Jenkin’s Pilgrims of the Night has it all! 90 Square Arts, the arts collective comprised of Great Performances employees, is presenting their 3rd Annual benefit production for The Sylvia Center this February. Len Jenkin, a professor of playwriting at NYU, is the author of the play, which is a tale of seven people trapped overnight […]

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Out of This World: Dark Universe

Nothing is quite as mystifying as outer space — an infinite place full of history and wonderment. Right now, the American Museum of Natural History is featuring a space show titled Dark Universe at the Hayden Planetarium. The thirty minute show features the biggest discoveries in history that have led us to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the universe. […]

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Silver Saber Joins the Dark Side

Belvedere has wasted no time entering into 2014.  Right now, select hotels in NYC, LA and South Beach have the privilege to enjoy the new Belvedere “Silver Saber”. This first of its kind laser cut bottle encompasses LED technology and also includes a special lighting filament to illuminate the signature vodka. The success spurred on from the release of the […]

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Warm Up at the Winter Art Garden

With freezing temperatures taking over the city, it’s no wonder New Yorkers are all jumping on planes to the closest tropical island. Nix the plane, kill the winter cold and turn up the heat at the Winter Art Garden at The James NY. The exhibit, titled Still Moving, is curated by resident artist Matt Jensen and Recess Art and features […]

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Spend Your Evenings at Pergola

Pergola, which just opened in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, is a fabulous new place to spend your evenings. The multi-level restaurant is super sexy with dark wood and brick walls and beautiful greenery, which changes seasonally. The new space features a hookah menu, which offers guests 14 different flavors to choose from, as well as an extensive cocktail list. Executive chef […]

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Tackling Life: Ugly Is A Hard Pill

Written and co-produced by Andrea Fulton, Ugly Is A Hard Pill is offering a comical, and sometimes emotional, glimpse into the lives of those looking for love in all the wrong places. The play centers on a scandalous, African American couple, Keef and Lena, who both are on the ‘down low.’ But as the couple’s realities are shattered, their sexual […]

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SooFoo Does the Body Good

During the New York City Wine & Food Festival I discovered an amazing product that health nuts will go gaga over. SooFoo, which stands for super good food, is a blend of nine premium ingredients, including five types of grains, three types of lentils and brown rice. This blend is not only super healthy, but also super delicious! It is […]

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Get Fit with the Help of a FitBit

With the New Year in full swing, many people turn to their New Year’s resolutions to begin 2014. One of the most common resolutions people make it to get in better shape. I recently had the opportunity to try the FitBit One, which runs on Verizon Wireless’ 4GLTE network to see how it works. Lately, devices that track your movement, sleep […]

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Glyterra-gL, a New Skin Tightening Breakthrough!

We know sun damage, stress, and life in general causes wrinkles, right? Well according to more research by dermatologists, we have a new problem to worry about that can also be causing those pesky wrinkles to appear earlier in life and more often. Sugar is the culprit, and it’s not just the candy bar and soda sugar one would think. […]

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