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Labels Made Fun [Discount Included]!

I’m just going to go ahead and say you’re welcome right from the start. Manhattan with a Twist recently discovered Kidecals, a company that specializes in the most fun and adorable labels on the market. Not only are their labels waterproof, but they also have something for everyone — whether you are looking for labels for cans, jars, pantry items, […]

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Jackie and Marilyn at the Lion Theatre

Jackie and Marilyn, now at the Lion Theatre at Theatre Row, is an imagining of one of American history’s most famous love triangles: that of philandering President John F. Kennedy, his elegant wife, Jacqueline, and the glamorous starlet Marilyn Monroe. The production’s costume and wig/makeup design, done by Aleksandra Stojic Zurovac and Ljupka Arsovska, respectively, is particularly successful in bringing […]

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Tasting Around Town with Teresa Moore

Before the fun begins and drinks are passed around, the moments leading up to that first sip can be stressful. What should you wear? Where is the latest New York hotspot? Are you overdressed for that place? Are you hot or not? Accomplished model and foodie Teresa Moore tackles those questions with her new blog Teresa Tastes. “TeresaTastes only features […]

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Top Dogs and Hot Dogs at Alex Mitow’s Latest Venture

            The beauty of a pop-up is in its chaotic, slap-dash spontaneity, and if rolling with culinary punches is your thang, then Alex Mitow’s All-American Diner: A Pop Up!, which took place at the now-closed Noah’s Ark deli on the Lower East Side over the Easter weekend, was the event for you. The hot dog […]

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Bye Bye Vodka, Hello Byejoe

              Vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, gin…these usual suspects can often be found making appearances at parties, in your cocktails, and straight up in shots. However, lesser known spirits are making their mark, whether as part of a signature cocktail, on a bar menu, or in your local liquor store. We recently discovered Byejoe, a […]

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Japanese Whisky Takes Over the City

With Suntory’s recent purchase of Jim Beam it is no doubt that Japanese whisky is making its mark in the spirits world. Leave ROCHELLE Out of It is one of the top whiskey bars in New York City and the perfect destination to try lovely Japanese whiskys and sip with one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Stephen […]

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Ride of Fame With Tracey Bregman

The Young and the Restless has been one of my guilty pleasures for 20 years now. Needless to say when I was invited to the induction of Tracey Bregman into the Ride of Fame, I was elated. Known as the feisty Lauren Fenmore Baldwin, Tracey Bregman has been spicing up The Young and the Restless for more than two decades. […]

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The Donner Party on Acid? Somehow It Works

If you mention the Donner Party to most Americans, you’ll probably be met with a wrinkled nose, uncomfortable fidgeting or a look of vague revulsion. Whether or not they remember the details: they’ll remember the cannibalism. It’s undeniable that this tragic tale of snowbound pioneers, who resorted to eating each other to survive the vicious winter of 1846-47, is permanently […]

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Get Ready for Spring with Yunes Swathe

Affordability and style! More times than not, those two words are not in the same sentence. That’s why market finance professional-turned fashion designer Ingrid Hernandez teamed up with creative visionary Terrance Brewer to create and launch the Yunes Swathe brand.               Yunes Swathe is a Manhattan-based ready-to-wear fashion collection that offers dresses, skirts, pants and handbags in a […]

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Michelle Vale Handbags Have It All

Handbags are a woman’s quintessential accessory…or so we tell ourselves. We like them to match our outfits and be versatile enough to go from day to night and season to season. Manhattan with a Twist had a chance to catch up with Michelle Vale and view her new Fall 2014 handbag collection, perfectly named American Made Opulence.                 Versatility, balance […]

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