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Fiesta, Fiesta! Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

Cinco de Mayo = fiesta time. For some reason, everybody seems to love this holiday. It may be because of the food, it may be because of the culture, but our guess is that it definitely has something to do with the tequila. Whether you are looking to celebrate with a margarita in hand, or something a bit different, we […]

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Fiestas in NYC

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, it’s time to make plans for a night full of margaritas, tacos, and pork dishes! This day of celebration is exciting for New Yorkers because, well, it’s just another excuse to drink tequila and eat Mexican food. With so many celebrations going on, we’ve cut to the chase and discovered the best […]

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Red or White, What’s Your Delight?

The vineyards of Italy, Napa Valley and even Long Island have dominated the wine industry, but there is one country that is making a comeback. The old world wine of Bulgaria is making their place in the modern wine market. Once the second largest wine producer in the world during the 1980’s Bulgaria suffered a decline with the fall of […]

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Thoroughbred Cocktails for Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby rears its head again this Saturday and while you don your big hats and seersucker suits, it’s only appropriate for you to be sipping on something equally classy. Whether your a fan of the standard cocktail of the day, the Mint Julep, or you’re hankering for something else, we’ve got plenty of options that will fit right […]

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Pinnacle Vodka Taste Off

With vodka being the most popular spirit in the country, there are countless numbers of different brands, plus a variety of different flavors. Vodka can be mixed with just about anything and varies in prices. Pinnacle Vodka decided to put their product to the test with a taste off. Manhattan with a Twist was invited to the charming Millesime Restaurant for the […]

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