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Theater As You’ve Never Seen it Before

A day in New York City can be wonderful, enlightening and extremely diverse. Playing with Reality, an interactive performance company, gives its audiences a chance to co-create stories, whether they be funny, sad, exciting, or mysterious…all of them are touching. As diverse as the city that never sleeps, each show encompasses all of the elements that can be found on […]

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Escape to Cuba, Without Leaving the Village

As everyone, their mother and their pet dog go away for the summer, us suckers dedicated New Yorkers are left finding creative ways to escape the everyday slog. Coney Island’s great, but kind of a schlep; the idea of tubing in the Catskills appeals, but makes Coney seem a short stroll away; Fire Island? So many transportation changes! What’s the […]

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Tullamore D.E.W. Plans to Opens Distillery

Cheers to the opening of Tullamore D.E.W.’s new distillery in September! Tullamore D.E.W., the fabulous Irish whiskey, was founded in 1829 by Daniel E. Williams in the town of Tullamore in Ireland. Tullamore D.E.W. is distilled by William Grant & Sons, Ltd., an independent family-owned distiller that is located in the United Kingdom and was founded by William Grant in […]

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Chapter One: Sophisticated American Pub Cuisine

Beautifully plated and classically fresh is what lies at Chapter One in the West Village. The chef offers a sophisticated take on American pub cuisine, with a home-like feeling inspired by New York City’s historic taverns. Between the Charred Octopus, Lentil Fritters, and Beef Tartar, starting off the evening can be a hard decision here. Knowing all the ingredients are fresh […]

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Burgers and All the Fixings Score an A+ at Big Smoke Burger

Shake Shack has got some competition! The famous chain, known for its tasty burgers, has met its match with Big Smoke Burger, which recently opened its first restaurant in New York City. The restaurant, which is a Canadian transplant, is located in Chelsea and is a burger lover’s dream come true. Serving up hand-crafted burgers, homemade milkshakes and hand-cut fries, […]

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Drop Dead Perfect: A New Comedy by Erasmus Fenn

I am so grateful that I had the chance to check out a performance of Drop Dead Perfect because it is by far the best play I have seen all year. I was laughing throughout the entire performance and I would be shocked if anyone told me that they did not enjoy it. Presented by The Penguin Rep Theatre in […]

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Gettin’ Juicy With It

Trends come and go quicker than a bolt of lightening, but one trend that looks like it might be around a while is fresh juices. With popular spots popping up all over the city such as Liquiteria, Juice Press, The Squeeze and many more, it’s safe to say that healthy living isn’t going anywhere fast. Now, instead of heading out […]

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This Will All Be Yours: A New Musical by Laura Pedersen

Who says that you need to have flashing lights and tricks to keep an audience’s attention? Not all shows need so much extra distractions to make it an entertaining and thought provoking show. What makes a show successful is the talent of the actors, the writer, and the crew. When all of that talent is put together, you get an amazing […]

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Ahoy Mates, Read The Rebel Pirate

The year is 1775 and America and Great Britain are teetering on the brink of war. A naval battle between British and Rebel forces is waging in Boston Harbor for control of incoming supplies. The Rebel Pirate is the second book in Donna Thorland’s Renegades of the Revolution series but don’t worry; you don’t have to read the first book […]

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Nordic Invasion: North Festival Returns to New York

Ever since Noma made a name for itself by putting “dirt” on a plate and calling it gourmet food (the “soil” in its famous Vegetable Field dish is actually malt and hazelnut flour), Nordic gastronomy has been nabbing Michelin stars left, right and center. It’s just too bad Scandinavia is just so darn far away. No plane ticket required, New […]

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