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Demons, Monsters, and Shadow Realms

Ivy has always been different. Strange visions have plagued her since childhood and have left her distant and fearful of others learning her secret. When her sister and best friend, Jasmine, suddenly disappears Ivy’s search leads her to uncovering more truths than she expected: her visions are not hallucinations but glimpses into a parallel realm where Jasmine is being held […]

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Shine Bright Like a Diamond

“Diamonds are a Girl’s Best friend,” is a well-known saying by Carol Channing in the original Broadway production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, as well as by Marilyn Monroe in the movie version of the play. The saying is true,  and the best thing about Brilliant Earth Jewelry is that the diamonds used in their jewelry are conflict free. Brilliant Earth […]

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Evolution of Smooth Introduces New 24-Hour Moisturizing Shaving Cream

I was very pleased with the new EOS (Evolution of Smooth) shaving cream that moisturizes your skin for 24-hours. I first came across the EOS brand when a friend introduced me to their lip balms. I was impressed then and even more so now with their line of shaving cream. Aside from the lip balm and shaving cream products, EOS […]

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Frame Your Face with Firmoo

With Summer in full swing, it’s important not only to protect your skin with SPF, but to also protect your eyes. Keep those baby blues from squinting with Firmoo sunglasses. Firmoo, a global online optical store, not only has a tremendous selection of both prescription and non-prescription glasses, but they have a giant array of sunglasses, as well. The site, […]

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Summer Sips Downtown

Guess what time of year it is? Forget calling it summer, New Yorkers know it as rooftop bar season. Throughout the city there are numerous places to visit, but they all come down to two categories, the overrated, extremely crowded rooftop and the relaxed, let’s actually enjoy our night rooftop. The Living Room at the W Downtown Hotel is the […]

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Heavenly pizza? Head to Hell’s Kitchen

The seedy corner of Hell’s Kitchen behind Port Authority may not be top of your list of Manhattan destinations, but it deserves a second look – and not for the strange whale murals on 41st street (sorry, mustachioed artist dude). If you ever find yourself skidding west from Times Square and in need of a bite, there’s welcome respite for […]

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Thirstie: Bringing Liquor to your Doorstep

  These days there is an app for everything. You need to do something through your phone? You name it, it’s there.  If you need to save time by having food delivered to your door there’s Seamless, or if you’re bored and want to pass the time, you can spend it texting friends, playing games, or check out all the […]

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Vive la France this Bastille Day with Financier Patisserie

Don’t pack away your red-white-and-blue quite yet: July brings another reason to get patriotic… if you’re French, that is. Monday, July 14th is Bastille Day – and in honor of the Gallic holiday Financier Patisserie is rolling out a tricolor confection for the week that will have you singing La Marseillaise. La Coupe Fruit Route d’Eté is a parfait layered […]

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Bené: Providing Education One Scarf at a Time

The one thing that I love seeing is women supporting each other. With society always pitting us against each other it’s nice to see women working together to create progress for women. Bené is a brand that provides custom-made scarves and was launched by Michelle Blue and Sasha Matthews in 2013 to provide sustainable educational opportunities for girls in Ghana. The […]

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Chill Out this Summer with Fichimori Wine

Summer imbibing just got much, much better. Forget what you think you know about how to drink wines because a new brand just hit the market that’s going to blow your mind. Usually wine drinkers stick to whites and rosé in the hot summer months, but Fichimori, a new red wine, is shattering people’s conceptions about wine. Fichimori ($15.99) is […]

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