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The Refresh Button

Have you ever felt like you were rushing through life?  That you were so busy trying to do and fix everything, that you couldn’t enjoy the world as it is around you?  I think we’ve all been there are some point or another – I know I have. In The Temple of  All Knowing: One Woman’s Journey From Personal and Professional […]

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Get Your Fitness on with Fido

Dog owners know that dogs are very expensive and, just like any other family member, it’s very important to make sure that they are healthy and well taken care of. It is definitely important if you want to extend the lifespan of your furry family member. Colleen Demling, who is the founder of Pawtopia Dog Training, gives a few tips […]

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The Thinking Man’s Jerky

“The Thinking Man’s Beef Jerky.” Don’t think of Biltong as Beef Jerky because it’s not, it’s something much better. Appearances always matter and when I walked into Jonty Jacobs there was such a pleasant smell that I could not help but just stand there and just take everything in; the smells, the biltong hanging in the corner, the owners happily […]

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Men’s Clothing Made Easy

I recently had the pleasure of having a nice chat with owner and founder of Letter J Chelsea, Jason Somerfeld, who owns a new men’s clothing boutique that recently opened up in Chelsea and seems to have a little bit of everything for the everyday man. To really understand what prompted Jason Somerfeld to open up a store in Chelsea, I […]

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The Fourth Restaurant: The New “It Place”

“Pure Class” are the words that come to mind when I think of The Fourth Restaurant. I recently had the chance to have dinner at the restaurant and I was very impressed with the overall service that we received. It was a very cozy and comfortable setting and the waiter was very attentive. Every time I stood up and went […]

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Three Cheers for Jimmy Russell and Wild Turkey

Bourbon never goes out of style, and with the celebration of Master Distiller Jimmy Russell‘s 60th Anniversary with Wild Turkey, it’s only getting better. Russell, now considered the longest tenured, active master distiller in the world, has dedicated his life to the craft and skill of whiskey making. Only a small handful of his successes include the creation or co-creation […]

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