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Raise a Glass to Bourbon Heritage Month

Today marks the end of a fabulous month. Back in 2007, congress officially declared the month of September as National Bourbon Heritage Month. We have been celebrating all year, I mean month, long, with plenty of bourbon. In fact, bourbon is currently at its highest production since the 1970s, so there’s no reason not to raise a glass or two […]

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O, Africa!: A Novel to Read This Fall

Written by Andrew Lewis Conn, O, Africa! chronicles the story of twin filmmakers, Michah and Izzy, and their incredible journey through Africa in the 1920s. The brothers’ personalities are at opposite ends of the spectrum, yet they make perfect partners in their film careers. The story unfolds when Micah becomes entwined in shady deals with a crew of Harlem gangsters. […]

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#NYTough: Using Comedy to Combat Tough Times in the City

  As New Yorkers, we know that we not only live in the greatest city on earth, but also the toughest. We’ve learned to deal with bed bugs, rats in the subway, garbage in the streets and unanticipated rain storms. But it hasn’t stopped us from trucking along. Procter & Gamble launched their #NYTough campaign, which celebrates the daily challenges […]

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Desi Galli Introduces Healthier Versions of Indian Dishes

There is nothing that I like more than seeing an independent woman start a business, build it up from the bottom and turn it into a successful business that stays true to its identity. This is exactly what owner PriaVanda Chouhan has done with Desi Galli. Desi Galli specializes in healthier versions of traditional Indian dishes. Once you go inside, […]

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The Petite Shop Introduces Sourcery

Petite women rejoice!!! Elizabeth Bates has answered all of our prayers and has turned fashion for us upside down! We can now enjoy amazing and stylish clothing from some of our favorite designers and the best thing is that these clothes actually fit us! Can this really be true? Elizabeth Bates first introduced The Petite Shop in 2012 as the […]

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An Easy, Breezy Night Out at Spiegel

Conveniently located in the heart of the East Village, recently opened Spiegel is a casual cafe that does more than you’d expect. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the modern dining room feels spacious with plenty of windows, custom-made white oak tables and banquettes and a high ceiling. Owner Shmulik Avital brought in executive chef Dario Tapia, formerly of Westville, […]

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Matchmaker, Make Him a Match

In the small town of Whitford, Maine, everyone knows each other’s business. Except for the mysterious Max Crawford, the titular character in Shannon Stacey’s Falling for Max. Max doesn’t like change, but he is about to make the biggest change of his life. While reading, I couldn’t help but compare Max to Criminal Minds’ adorable resident genius, Dr. Spencer Reid. […]

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Courvoisier Honors Model Tyson Beckford with Swanky Party

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to honor one of the top male models in history with an exclusive party thrown by one of the best cognacs around. Courvoisier‘s Exceptional Journey campaign kicked off its launch last week at The Skylark, where it honored the world’s first black supermodel and actor Tyson Beckford. The campaign seeks to […]

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Shabu Shabu Kobe: Introducing New York City to Authentic Washoku

Kobe Bussan Group had a press conference on September 15th to introduce Shabu Shabu Kobe Midtown. The press conference included Shoji Numata, Kobe Bussan CEO; Hirokazu Numata, Kobe Bussan President; and Hideo Sugimoto, President of G.taste Co. Ltd. Aside from Shabu Shabu Kobe Midtown, Kobe Bussan has business plans to open more locations in the future. The name of the […]

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Brewing Fresh Coffee with Single Cup Coffee

Nothing fuels a New Yorker more than a powerful cup of coffee,  and nothing makes them happier than a quick and delicious cup o’ joe. Since Keurig launched the Single Cup Coffee Brewer, coffee aficionados have enjoyed the convenience and various blends that are made just for them in their famous K-Cups. In 2012, Green Mountain Coffee lost their exclusive […]

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