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Stolen Girls: A Novel’s Look into a Grisly Culture

“On our mountain only boys were born, and some of them turned into girls around the age of eleven. Then these boys had to turn into ugly girls who sometimes had to hide in holes in the ground.” (4) In the mountains of Guerrero, Mexico, being a girl – especially a pretty one – is a dangerous thing.  For these […]

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Sundays Just Got Much More Festive

Need a break from Sunday football? You’re not the only one. With the temperatures creeping down uncomfortably low and the winter holidays inching closer, watching men in tights run around in the snow somehow seems less appealing. The Hyatt Union Square New York has the answer to the lull in your upcoming Sundays with their wreath decorating classes. However, for […]

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NYC’s Cranky Cabaret: Sing (and drink) Your Heart Out

When Friday night came around, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. It was one of my rare evenings off from work and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to stay at home with my Netflix or dress up and experience the city that never sleeps. Luckily, I was spared the taxing process of making a decision […]

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Warm Up at Financier Patisserie this Season

Financier Patisserie, the successful chain of cafes and bakeries throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, is known for keeping its customers happy. They frequently update and change their menu to satisfy their clientele, especially to keep in time with the seasons and holidays (just see what they did for Bastille Day!) In keeping in fashion with their high standards, the shop has recently […]

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Le Fromage? The French Make it Magnifique at Cheese Board Pop-Up

If there’s one thing the French do very well, it’s cheese. And this was not disproven last Thursday when the French Cheese Board (the organization with its NY HQ in Midtown, not a plank for serving the stuff, though those were represented, too) opened its doors to showcase 20 of the country’s leading cheeses. While these were mainly larger manufacturers […]

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Poppin’ Bottles: What to Bring to Your Hostess with the Mostess

Thanksgiving is a mere few days away, with additional holidays right around the corner, and if you are spending it with friends or family, it’s customary to bring a thoughtful hostess gift. While plants and flowers are nice, they only last a few days. And random knick knacks can be cool, but mostly they just get in the way. Luckily, […]

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Duck & Waffle: No Longer Just The UK’s Tallest Restaurant!

  Duck and Waffle is the highest standing restaurant in the UK and now is featuring a new cookbook flooded with outstanding recipes from their chef and mixologist. Executive Chef Daniel Doherty and Richard Woods, Head of Mixology and Development, made New York City one of their stops to launch the new book and showcase some incredible cocktails and bites […]

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Taylor Kitsch Steps Out in NYC for a Good Cause

Last night, the African Children’s Choir hosted their 6th Annual Changemakers Gala in New York City at City Winery. The organization, which began in 1984, supports children from the poorest countries in the world who have lost one or both parents to poverty or disease. Founder Ray Barnett came up with the idea to start the Choir after a trip […]

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The Red Handkerchief and Other Poems

You know that moment when you pick up a good book and you are instantly drawn into the story and can’t shake off the feeling that the author is writing to you? When it comes to poetry, anyone can be a poet, but it truly takes someone really talented as a poet to pull at your heart strings and with […]

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Cozy up to a Corner of Bavaria in FiDi This Winter

As the chill in the air takes hold, there’s one place you feel it most: the Financial District. Anyone who’s navigated quaint, cobbled Stone Street on a winter evening knows the frosty gusts that whip their way around Manhattan’s southernmost tip. So it was with welcome relief that Bavaria Bier Haus (19 S. William Street) opened its sturdy wooden doors […]

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