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Lockets of Love

Lockets are coming back in style and just in time for Valentine’s Day! Nothing is quite as romantic as always having a personal memento of your loved one with you at all times. We have four completely unique lockets from different companies that are sure to knock the socks of your significant other this holiday season! With You creates customized […]

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Taste the Forbidden Fruit

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then a Forbidden Traveler Apple Ale a day surely is even better for your health. The Traveler Beer Company, a craft beer company that runs out of Burlington, Vermont, has kickstarted 2015 with the launch of their latest craft beer. The company, which is known for its original and fun beers, […]

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Take a Bite Out of Petite Shell

Walking throughout the Upper East Side, people will realize that it is almost impossible to find a good cup of coffee. In an area littered with Starbucks, there is a new coffee and pastry shop that is grabbing everyone’s attention, from foodies to coffee aficionados and residents. Petite Shell, located on 85th Street and Lexington Avenue, offers an array of […]

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A Valentine’s Day Evening to Remember

It’s never too early to start planning ahead, especially where Valentine’s Day is concerned. Each year people seem to expect more and more from their significant others and it can be quite a challenge planning a picture perfect evening. In New York City the struggle is narrowing down all the thousands of options given to you. We’ve taken it upon […]

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Don’t Know Where to Go for the Super Bowl? Now You Do!

Ah, the time has come again. A time of excitement, of joy, of friendly and not so friendly competition. A time where bets are made, friends are lost, and an overwhelming amount of beer, wings, and cheese fries are consumed. I am talking about, of course, the SUPER BOWL. The Super Bowl this year is being held at the University […]

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A Look Inside the Newly Renovated Haldi Restaurant

I am really proud of the fact that I’m finally accustomed to eating Indian food. I love to taste food from different countries, because that’s the best way to learn more about their culture right? Or maybe that’s just me. Being that I can’t eat spicy food I was very pleased with the quality, taste, and the variety of dishes […]

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Mortdecai and The Art of Shaving

Handsome Doesn’t Just Happen. That is the intriguing tagline for the new feature film Mortdecai. The Art of Shaving is a leading luxury men’s grooming brand that partnered up with Lionsgate to work on the this quirky film that brings together actors like Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Munn, and Ewan McGregor in this David Koepp directed movie. The Art of […]

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Flavors of Aloha: Cooking with Tommy Bahama

With winter in full force, even in the city, it’s always a welcome distraction when you get to kick off your boots, throw on a lei, and pretend that you’re enjoying some tropical weather. And that’s exactly what took place last week at Tommy Bahama in Midtown Manhattan. The celebrated brand threw a festive fête to celebrate the release of […]

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The Dollhouse Mirror: A Book Of Poems, A Book of Beauty And Pain

When I first opened the book of poetry titled The Dollhouse Mirror, the last thing I thought was that I was going to read it an additional six times immediately after finishing it. I had no doubt in my mind that I would like the work; I usually do enjoy poetry and from what I had researched about author Frank […]

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Hugh Leonard’s “DA” Proves To Be Timeless

Many times in this life, I’ve seen an endless amount plays/movies/TV shows about writers and their tribulations. In fact, I did one myself, right at the beginning of my writing career while I was still in college. The play was chosen for a New Playwrights Festival and it was about a writer dealing with writer’s block and the problems that were […]

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