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Ignite Calm: A Self Help Book to Stepping Out of Your Own Way

We all want to succeed in life and in our career but there are always obstacles that keep us from being the best person that we can be. There are times when we ourselves are actually one of those obstacles. So how exactly are we holding ourselves back? How can we change that? We have the power to change our […]

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A Charming French Oasis in the Village

Tucked away in the East Village, Didier Pawlicki’s Le Village is a culinary gem awaiting to be discovered. Pawlicki, the man behind La Siréne and Taureau in Soho, has brought to the East Village a classic French bistro that will even have Parisians saying “c’est magnifique!” The small space can easily be overlooked in the bustling village, but once inside […]

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Make The Grade With NYC’s Newest Dating App

Dating is never easy. Let’s forget the charade and the fairy-tale romantic version of what it’s like to meet and choose from potential suitors and face the facts: Dating is always difficult, usually exhausting, and sometimes really depressing. All of those qualities can be exacerbated when one is trying to date in the city, particularly a city as big as […]

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by / on January 19, 2015 at 3:05 pm / in Til the Sun Comes Up

Games, Booze, Bites & More Entice Customers to Henri on Fifth

Newly opened in Park Slope, Brooklyn, is a fun, intimate space that is sure to make its mark for late night fun. Henri on Fifth, a concept brought to locals by Binh Douglas, offers craft cocktails, eclectic small, sharable bites, and retro board games. Their libations range from gin and vodka to whiskey and rum, all of which are perfect […]

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“Calloused Hands” or the Andre Royo show?

Calloused Hands is a coming of age tale about a mixed race boy named Josh and his dysfunctional family, who see themselves hitting rock bottom and having to agree to a bar mitzvah for his grandfather to save them. As Josh learns about his heritage and history, he is distracted by his scheming and often violent stepfather, who thinks he […]

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The 16th Annual GLAM AWARDS: LGBTQ Community Shines in Fabulous Night

What is a straight man to do on a Tuesday night with a hot date but go to the 16th Annual GLAM AWARDS? Nothing if you want an entertaining night full of sass, style, and the best that the LGBTQ nightlife community has to offer. To report this night in a usual style would be a disservice to this incredibly […]

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January is National Oatmeal Month (and It’s Better Than You Think)

January has the contradictory effect of making you want to comfort-eat and detox at the same time. So it’s little wonder it’s been dubbed National Oatmeal Month, after the familiar food that’s healthy and warming. But if 31 days of porridge has you dreaming of last month’s cheese plates and pumpkin pie, don’t despair. Head to Calle Dao, the midtown […]

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Boursin Cheese for At-Home Entertaining

Entertaining friends at your place isn’t always easy, but once you say the word ‘cheese,’ every body’s ears perk up. When Smiley 360 afforded me the opportunity to get my hands on some Boursin cheese to pair with snacks of my choosing, I knew it was a great time to invite some friends over and make a night out of […]

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BET Presents The Book of Negroes Mini Series

  The Paley Center for Media hosted an advanced screening of BET’s anticipated miniseries The Book Of Negroes and I had a chance to attend. I also had a chance to catch up and read excerpts of the book that the miniseries is based on. Having already watched the fourth episode of the miniseries I am very excited to see […]

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Montblanc Screenwriter Creates a Better Work Space for Writers Everywhere

The good folks at Montblanc are proud to introduce the Screenwriter Ipad App. You heard that right, an app for your Ipad that makes it easier to write that screenplay anywhere you go! Available already for your pleasure, this app is completed with the incredibly useful StarWalker Extreme ScreenWriter, which combines the Montblanc beautiful heritage of craftsmanship with the new […]

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