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Say Bye-Bye to Unwanted Hair

A year ago I began laser hair removal sessions at Pulse Laser & Skincare Center. As a woman, it can be very frustrating dealing with pesky, unwanted hair and laser hair removal seemed like a great idea. Little did I know, Pulse Laser’s hair removal would change my life! As soon as you step off the elevator, you can smell […]

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Fuel Up Your Workout Plan with Denise Austin

A New Year means new resolutions and a new you. So why not start off the year on the right foot by trying out Denise Austin’s 10 Week, 360⁰ Plan? A lot of people make losing weight one of their resolutions for the new year, because who doesn’t want to start the new year off being healthy? It’s a known fact […]

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Carving for the Art: Loren Kantor

Throughout time, art has evolved into numerous styles, but one of them has stood out for centuries. Woodcuts can be traced back to the early Chinese dynasties and have survived to the 21st century. Loren Kantor, avid woodcutter and founder of Woodcutting Fool, has embraced this form of art and showcases his talent on his website. “I first fell in […]

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There’s No Hour Like Happy Hour

Have you been a little down lately? Did the holidays leave you feeling just a touch under the weather? If so, you aren’t the only one- there are plenty of people who have been feeling a little out of sorts these days, and with good reason. Times are stressful, hard, and slightly upsetting. Don’t worry too much, though, because we […]

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An Inside Look at Fashion, Drag and James Belzer

I usually alternate my plans on Friday nights. One Friday, some friends and I might start out at a cute restaurant in the village and by the end of the night we’re tearing up the dance floor. While the next Friday night, my plans for the evening usually are Netflix and takeout. I have to admit, my movie nights are […]

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Sophistication as Shown Through Victoria Scandale’s Latest Collection

The first time I had the chance to get a glimpse into the Spring/Summer 2015 collection for Victoria Scandale was during the Dorian Allen EP Launch party. I had a chance to glimpse just a few pieces from her collection but I was struck with how beautiful, sophisticated, and elegant the pieces were. Victoria Scandale’s collection can best be described as […]

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Weathering the Storm

At the bottom of Japan’s southern Fog Island Mountains is the small town of Komachi. Within the town there are several “storms” gathering.  Michelle Bailat-Jones’s Fog Island Mountains is about the initial grief one feels when confronted with devastating news. Jennifer Ikeda narrates Bailat-Jones’ novel in its moving audiobook version. Ikeda is an award-winning narrator of dozens of audiobooks and actor […]

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