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Hotsy Totsy’s Tribute to Stephen King

I am a newbie when it comes to the burlesque scene and I was very grateful that I had a chance to attend Hotsy Totsy’s tribute to the master of horror: Stephen King. Cyndi Freeman, AKA Cherry Pitz, is a jack of all trades, who is not only the co-producer, but also the host of and a performer in all […]

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One Well Seasoned Coffee Table Book

Avid traveler and accomplished nature photographer Rebecca Webb Wilson showcases the seasons of life photographed and illuminated by her unconventional but uplifting take on life in her collage of photographs and essays entitled Well Seasoned: Savoring Life’s Lessons. Pairing carefully crafted words (in enlarged text for senior eyes) with more than 100 full-color images, Rebecca savors the clarity that time […]

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Long Island’s New Treasure: Imperial Meat Company

Just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan is the quaint village of Huntington on Long Island. Located in the heart of the town is Main Street, home to a plethora of restaurants, but one stands out among the rest. Imperial Meat Company (IMC) has been open since October and has become a fresh and vibrant dining […]

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Black Is Beautiful in NYC: Spotlight

This is the last week of February, which means the last week of Black History Month. This month saw the incredibly controversial, yet important film “Birth of A Nation” celebrate its century mark, reminding us that just 100 years ago, a film depicting African Americans as savages unable to cope with white society was a big hit. Since then, the […]

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Kati Stern’s Venexiana Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

Venexiana’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection was both elegant and classic. Founder Kati Stern is well known for having a tough punk rock style with her style and clothing. With this new collection, she struck the perfect balance between style, glamour, and a subtle hint of that punk style she is known for. The show started off with a number nude colored […]

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’90s Kids, Relive Your Childhood

New York’s beloved Frigid Theater Festival is in full swing. On the agenda this year is a new show written and directed by Taryn Parrish called Hey ’90s Kids, You’re Old. Having grown up in the 90s myself, I was really looking forward to seeing this show and reliving the glory years where Beanie Babies were the shit, pog wars […]

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Winter Cocktails At The Eddy

Winter cocktails will delight you at The Eddy, a hip East Village restaurant. This sweet spot is cozy, quaint, and has very creative, one of a kind cocktails that please every palate. The 7th Regiment Punch is packed with flavor, spirits, and served in vintage china. This cocktail is great for those who enjoy flavors of brandy and winter spices. If […]

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Y2 Collection for Men Debuts at NYFW

As another fashion week comes to an end, people tend to look at all the styles that were under the white tents at Lincoln Center. However, one of the next big designers that debuted his collections, headed downtown to The Highline Loft in Chelsea. Y2 Collection, designed by Amable, catered to the fashionisto’s lifestyle of tuxedos, suits and casual wear. […]

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Richard The Third and Goal (R3G) Goes for the Touchdown, but Settles for a Field Goal

In 2000, Ray Lewis was convicted of murder for the stabbing of two individuals. His murder charges were later dismissed, but he still served a year of probation for obstruction of justice. In a moment that seems out of a movie, Ray Lewis came back the next year and won the Super Bowl with the Ravens. Richard III is a […]

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Show Off New York Pride with Loose Petals {Giveaway}

Show off your New York pride and decorate your apartment all at once! Loose Petals, a company that specializes in specialty wall art, is offering Manhattan with a Twist readers the opportunity to win one of their amazing prints. The company, which boasts over 300 designs, was founded by Karen Young, who is also the artist behind the prints on […]

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