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Dark Humor with Substance: The Exit Man

In literature, it can be very difficult to tackle a taboo subject and do it with finesse. Greg Levin does an amazing job covering the highly controversial topic of voluntary euthanasia in his novel The Exit Man. The book focuses on Eli Edelmann, otherwise known as ‘the exit man,’ who somehow finds himself with an unusual side job…helping those with terminal […]

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by / on February 2, 2015 at 5:45 pm / in Get Cultured

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

While most people tend to stick to what works for Valentine’s Day (ie. chocolate, flowers, jewelry for the ladies and lingerie for the men), others like to branch out from the norm and get creative. Cupid’s holiday is closing in on us, which means it’s time to wrack our brains and get shopping. Fret not — we’ve got a few […]

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