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If the Shoe Fits…

As many women know, a good-fitting shoe can make all the difference – just ask Cinderella! The perfect shoe can support us, help us stand a bit taller, make a statement on our appearance, and even make us act a little crazy. Patricia Morrisroe shares moments from her life and the shoes that came with them in her touching memoir, 9½ […]

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The King of All Whiskey Bars

During last month’s Whiskey Live, we sampled more whiskey than we knew what to do with. In addition to different brands, a few New York City  bars were on hand, serving up specialty whiskey cocktails and one that stood out was American Whiskey. The bar, which has bragging rights of over 150 American made whiskies, is one spot we couldn’t […]

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Incredible Women in NYC: Laura Archer, The Architect

In the entertainment industry, women are a part of every aspect. Acting, directing, writing, producing; yet the opportunities that exist keep them in an eternal survival game where they need to step on each other to get to where most males get without the same sacrifices. For every 2.24 male characters written to be performed, there’s one female. Only 23.3 […]

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Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Munir Bello has written a laugh out loud novel from the view of a break-up from a man’s perspective. Women can finally get a peek into what goes on in a man’s head before, during, and after dating; what goes on in their minds is something that should be dissected very carefully. The Break Up Recipe follows the lift of Mark Mutton, […]

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Partying STK Style

The dining scene in Midtown Manhattan changed three years ago with the opening of the renowned steakhouse STK Midtown. Celebrating the milestone event, the restaurant hosted a Menage a Trois themed anniversary party that shut down the doors for the RSVP only party. As guests walked through the doors, they were welcomed by a woman wearing a dress made of […]

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This Mediterranean Gem Won Our Hearts (and Our Stomachs)

Nolita is home to many hip and trendy bars and restaurants and Balzem is no exception. The Mediterranean bistro gives off a rustic, intimate vibe from the moment you step in, thanks in part to its exposed brick walls, reclaimed pine wood bar, vintage mirrors and custom-made chandeliers. Additionally, you will find comfortable bistro seating, cherry wood tables and no […]

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Cooking Healthy with Stacey Hawkins

Let’s face it, everyone wants to eat healthy, but sometimes it takes too much effort to make the right decisions. With an endless selection of fast food restaurants and the array of junk food at supermarkets, the temptation to overindulge becomes too much. Stacey Hawkins, founder of Time Savor Solutions, realized the need for healthier alternatives and created an easier […]

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Get Your Wojo On!

People are always reaching for that one product, be it a drink or some sort of supplement, which will help them get through those tough and busy days. Unfortunately, there are days when we feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, which ultimately drains our energy and stress us out. So what to do when […]

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DAMN! Film Series is a Welcome Haven for Cinema Lovers

Film is what I like to call the ultimate marriage between art and technology. It requires the creativity that only some people possess, and the skills of a master technician/scientist to pull it off. For people that think filming is just camera and friends are missing around a dozen (if not dozens) of components that are required to produce a […]

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Combat Your Quarter Life Skin Crisis with Origins

Famous natural skincare line, Origins, launched their first Millennial campaign recently, which aims to address both the biological and physiological changes that occur underneath the skin of people in their 20s. Through the brand’s extensive research on the most stressed out demographic in US history, they have developed the first quarter life crisis skincare product — Original Skin Renewal Serum […]

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