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En Avant – An Ode to Tennessee Williams

For any fan of noted writer Tennessee Williams, En Avant! An Evening with Tennessee Williams is 70 minutes well spent. The one man show, which was the winner of the 2013 NYC International Fringe Festival Overall Excellence Award for Solo Performance, is drawn from actual journals, letter and several other writings both comprised by and about Mr. Williams. Actor and playwright […]

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A New Niche in Williamsburg: Billet and Bellows

Located a few blocks off of the trendy, artsy Bedford Avenue, this bar fits right in: dim lighting, exposed brick, and light blues beckoned us into Billet and Bellows. Owner Kristina Kozak immediately welcomed us; friendly, attentive, and engaging, she told us the story behind Billet and Bellows, its transition from an antique store to a bar, and her plans […]

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This Is What Happens When You Make Your Phone Number Public: A “Textastrophe”

Since the creation of cellular phones, or at least the creation of texting, communication between people has changed pretty significantly. Yeah, arguments get blown out of proportion and everyone’s tone is misread, but that’s not the type of change I’m talking about, nor is that the type of change Matt Andrews addresses in his (extremely funny) book Textastrophe. The change […]

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Free is the Name of the Game with PINCHme

Nowadays there are subscription boxes for everything…from pet supplies, to beauty supplies and even food. But what if there was a subscription box you didn’t have to pay for? PINCHme (as in you might have to pinch me because this sounds too good to be true) is the first FREE subscription box service that allows customers to choose samples from […]

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Suspense, Murder and Intrigue at Its Finest

If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s “whodunit” novels. The Blue Journal is one of those novels that leaves you guessing right up until the last minute. You never saw it coming and that’s the best part of these novels. The Blue Journal, written by L.T. Graham who is the pen name of a very well-known New-England based suspense […]

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Chocolate Snacks to Curb Your Cravings

Sometimes, you just have to have it. Chocolate is one of those things that few people dislike (they must be aliens) and many people can’t get enough of. It can be difficult to curb your chocolate cravings without devouring an entire cake. Trust us, we know the struggle. But if you are looking for a little something to nosh on […]

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Life, Death, and Renewal: Creating Art through Movement

Perfectly placed to debut on the cusp of spring, Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre’s Renewal, a kickoff of their Fifteenth Anniversary Performance Season at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, was just that: a rejuvenation, an awakening, a rebirth. Little vignettes, shining orbs, and moving lights: Each dancer moved effortlessly across the stage, whether to running water, funk, jazz, or a mixture […]

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Incredible Women in NYC: Sarah Bennett, The Creator

Women. Girls. Females. The other sex. Whatever you want to call them, they represent everything that contains strength, power, and inspiration to many people around the world. This month we celebrate women because of the incredible beings they are, but sadly we live in a world where most of the celebration ends with empty words. Empty, because for every promise […]

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Ready to Serve Cocktails We Can Get on Board With

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those that enjoy cooking and those that don’t. Similarly, those that enjoy the fancy art of mixology, and those that prefer to have a bartender whip up their concoctions. With Seamless, it’s easy for those of you who don’t cook to get a good meal delivered right to your home, but […]

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Broth Fest Pops Up in the South Street Seaport

FAME by Alex Mitow is known for hosting innovative, food, art and music pop-ups in New York City, and this past weekend the company brought us Broth Fest, a fun, interactive broth-filled extravaganza. On Saturday, New Yorkers trekked through the rain to the South Street Seaport, where Sugarcube, an inflatable pavilion that looked, literally, like a giant sugarcube, enclosed the […]

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