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The Tailor of Inverness Starts the Brits Off Broadway Festival on a High Note

A man in search for the truth about his father. A father that was a tailor in Scotland. A tailor in Scotland that came from Poland. In Poland, he grew up in a little farm, became part of the army, and spent the rest of his life on the move until he arrived in Inverness. A son that grew up in […]

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Jeffrey Fashion Cares Takes Over Chelsea

Throughout the year there are numerous fashion shows and charity events in Manhattan, but nothing beats Jeffrey Fashion Cares. From the fashion to the auctions and models, the night is filled with endless fun while supporting the LGBT community. Within the past ten years, the event has raised over $5 million for LGBT and HIV organizations, including Acria, the Hetrick-Martin […]

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Across the Globe: Health & Wellness Getaways

Vacations are often synonymous with laziness and overindulgence, and even though you’re taking time off to relax and de-stress, that is no reason to put your healthy summer bodies off track. Don’t let vacation become an excuse to shy away from exercising and eating right! We get it, it can be hard not to go for that awesome dessert on the […]

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Perfect Eyewear That Won’t Break the Bank

Last summer I discovered the wonderful world of eyewear with Firmoo’s top notch sunglasses. Since then, I have become a contact lense/glasses wearer and so partnering with the world’s largest online glasses retailer again seemed like a no brainer.  The online optical store has a gigantic selection of unisex eyewear, including both prescription and non-prescription glasses, and tinted, polarized and […]

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Authentic Nordic Food at Bröd Kitchen

Bröd Kitchen is doing what many other restaurants are not doing for New Yorkers. It is offering customers fine dining with a more relaxed atmosphere. I had a chance to take a look around the restaurant and enjoy Nordic cuisine in a relaxed setting that seemed more like a deli store, but with upscale food. The service provided, the food […]

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Woody Allen: Reel To Real- A Well-Formed Critique About a Controversial Figure’s Work

Woody Allen, the man, the myth, the filmmaker. Respected by some, adored by others, hated and judged by many. Chances are whichever way you feel about him, you are partially right. The man himself is a mystery, one that will divide audiences for years. The one thing about him that is not surrounded by that mystery is his five decade […]

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Take a Sip of The Manhattan

For over 80 years, Esquire Magazine has been on the cutting edge of men’s culture while showcasing man at his best, and has recently changed how people can drink the iconic cocktail, the Manhattan. Partnering with Jefferson Bourbon, Esquire Magazine launched the new pre-batched drink, The Manhattan: Barrel Finished Cocktail at Porchlight in Chelsea. “Esquire covers the wide-range interest of […]

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Innovation in Activewear Brought to You by DanRoy

There are those of us who just throw on any old comfortable outfit to get in a good workout, and there are those who like to wear clothes that show off their fashion sense. With Active Cashmere by DanRoy not only will you be showing off some serious sense of fashion, but the line will also keep you warm while […]

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Simple Salads with a Haitian Twist

With Spring finally sprung and summer just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to eat healthy and get your skin and body glowing from the inside out. Culinary curator Nadege Fleurimond, owner of Fleurimond Catering, brings her unique Haitian culinary background to the masses with her cookbook Haiti Uncovered. The author utilizes the unique and creative flavors from […]

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Dirty Chick: Life with Animals

When I first sat down to listen to Antonia Murphy’s audio book, I had a certain expectation in mind. For one thing, the title is “Dirty Chick” so my thoughts were immediately painted with images of young girls partying in the city, barely clothed, leaning up against one another with heavy eyelids and smeared lipstick. I was undoubtedly intrigued, but […]

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