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5 Senses Theatre Will Make You Krāv Some Cajun

When you’re invited to an immersive dinner theater event, you never quite know what to expect. 5 Senses Theatre is the force behind Krāv, an immersive experience that takes place over a four-course meal. The show is described as “an immersive experience over a four-course meal, where the line between “audience” and “actor” no longer exists.” While I did enjoy […]

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Blade and Bow: Your New Favorite Bourbon

Boasting a product that exudes the quality and the mystery in its name is no easy feat, but the producers at Blade & Bow have managed to improvise and overcome with a truly spectacular product. On a thunderous summer evening of late, we had the magnanimous opportunity to celebrate the New York rollout of a new Kentucky Straight Bourbon.  The […]

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Discovering New and Unusual Wines with Winestyr

Heading into a wine or liquor store in the hopes of picking out a great wine can be a daunting task. Often times, the store workers don’t know much about the products they are selling or the stores only have big name brand wines. For those looking to discover great, hard to find and lesser known wines, Winestyr can be […]

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David Burke fabrick Celebrates One Year of Deliciousness

  Reaching your one year anniversary mark as a restaurant in New York City is a huge deal. With restaurants shuttering and opening all the time, you never know if yours will stand the text of time. David Burke Group, no stranger to the restaurant scene in the city, opened up David Burke fabrick and Spyglass Rooftop Bar last May, […]

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Hugo & Sons: Park Slope’s Newest Addition to La Famiglia

Opening a restaurant in New York City is one of the riskiest investments a person can make.  The ROI is low, and the New York City food scene is as fickle as a teenage girl’s interest in music: what’s trending one minute is long gone the next.  That being said, any commitment to this wild business endeavor requires a certain […]

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Inside Vivienne Hu’s Showroom

If you haven’t heard of the name Vivienne Hu, let me the first to introduce you to her. Originally from China, Vivienne Hu left her hometown at 18 years old to pursue the world of banking. By 2006, she was making a name for herself in investment banking, but things changed and she decided she wanted to be a designer. […]

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“Punk As Fuck” is Not Hardcore, But It Is Charming

Oh, the good old days! I’m talking about the days when if you wanted to start a band, you had to provide the garage to practice in. You didn’t have Facebook, so to find the perfect bunch of misfits to partake in your rock star dream was a lot harder. But once everything clicked, those jam sessions were part of […]

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Coney Island Brewskis for the Summer!

Summers in New York City involve dining outside, picnics in Central Park, and if you choose to travel to the far side of Brooklyn, trips to Coney Island. Luckily, Coney Island Brewing Company has unique and tasty beers that will keep you refreshed all summer long. Between the Coney Island Lager, the 1609 Amber Ale, Mermaid Pilsner, and Overpass IPA there is […]

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Saturday Was the Best Day of Your Life

Thrillist is all about the party frills n’ thrills (duh) and just to prove it, they hosted their 3rd annual Best Day of Your Life this past Saturday, which celebrated the longest day of the year. The epic event took place on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where over 800 guests partook in a food and bar crawl, complete with entertainment, […]

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Making a Difference with Urban Tech

The National Urban Technology Center is a non-profit organization well known for connecting students and families to digital literacy, financial literacy, comprehensive health education and life skills for the past twenty years. Last week, the organization hosted their 2015 gala benefit to honor their outstanding twenty years of service. The glamorous evening, which took place at Gotham Hall, honored big […]

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