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A Revamped La Maison du Chocolat Coming to the UES

Last week, famed chocolate shop, La Maison du Chocolat‘s, Upper East Side location closed up shop in order to undergo impressive renovations. The chocolate boutique celebrated their three month closing with an epic bash fit for anyone with a sweet tooth. Master chef Nicolas Cloiseau and Director of US Operations Nora Hovanesian-Mann were both on hand to discuss the renovations […]

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Spreading Hope and a Bright Future with Jessica Stam

One of the biggest gifts someone can give to an individual is a caring home, education and a bright future. There are numerous foundations that tackle these causes, but one that has gained attention from many celebrities is the Many Hopes Foundation. Aiming to raise a generation of children who will lead with justice and defeat extreme poverty in Kenya, […]

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Hashbrowns and Hashtags: Women, Business, and Food

There isn’t anything New Yorkers are more obsessed with than brunch. We brunch on Saturday. We brunch on Sunday, and if we weren’t the busiest people on earth, we would squeeze in a brunch or two during the week. So when I was invited to a brunch event at the Handy Liquor Bar, I jumped at the opportunity. This particular […]

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Namaste: A Look Inside New York’s Dharma Yoga Center

With an abundance of gyms and fitness centers, both small boutiques and large chains, all over the city, New Yorkers often rely on word of mouth to find a place to get their sweat on. Dharma Yoga Center, conveniently located in the Flatiron District, stands out from the plethora of other yoga studios in the city, offering a welcoming and […]

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“Othello” — A New Twist On A Classic Play

When Daniel Echevarria set out to compose a production of “Othello,” he had a specific goal in mind, one that not only meant a great deal to him, but one that means a great deal to a wide community of passionate people. Though many are well aware of Othello’s story (he is, after all, a product of the overwhelming genius […]

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Wake Up to a Party During Daybreaker Week

They say New York is the city that never sleeps. You can find some New Yorkers out dancing until the wee hours of the morning. And now you can find quite a few New Yorkers dancing before they go to work. I was invited to New York City’s Daybreaker Week. Daybreaker is an event created by General Assembly co-founder Matthew Brimer and Super […]

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SoHo Goes French at La Siréne

Having dined at Le Village not too long ago, where my taste buds had a dance party from all of the wonderful flavors, it’s safe to say that I was happily looking forward to checking out another restaurant helmed by Chef Didier Pawlicki. La Siréne, another classic French restaurant, is located in SoHo, and is a charming, intimate space with […]

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Church Street Tavern’s #mostimportantburger

Recently voted #20 out of Grub Street’s 50 Most Important Burgers in New York, we had the fabulous opportunity to visit Church Street Tavern, a classic Tribeca pub with a chic, opulent flair to sample the famous meat snack. Dark and cozy but simultaneously welcoming, Church Street is the kind of place we can see ourselves running to in the […]

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Don’t Count Out Jersey City or Tequila This Father’s Day

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I found myself scrambling to find that special gift for my dad. My father isn’t particularly too hard to shop for, but he seems to have everything. He’s into sports, jeans and fine liquor. Just when I was about to admit defeat, I received an invitation to a tasting in Jersey City. New Yorkers are […]

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How I Jazzed Up My Weekend with the Blue Note Jazz Festival

Recently having had to cancel a much-anticipated trip to the New Orleans Jazz Festival, I was feeling a little bummed out. I had just envisioned myself, a nice bourbon on the rocks in hand, eyes closed, nodding along to the sweet sounds of the saxophones and trumpets, as the music flowed into my ears and through my brain, right down […]

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