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A Feast Fit for a Queen (of the Night)

Stunning acrobatics, a feast fit for a king and an air of mystery surround the hype around New York City’s interactive dinner theater Queen of the Night. Well worth the hefty price tag akin to some of the hottest Broadway shows, Queen of the Night serves up hours of drinks, fun, mystery, intrigue…and even a little seduction. Your evening begins […]

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Shopping for Father’s Day Made Easy

Father’s Day is getting closer and closer. If, like me, you find shopping for your pop to be extremely difficult, you probably spend days googling gift ideas prior to the big holiday. Think a little bit outside of the box this year, with some of our great gift options for dad! For the beer loving dad, think a little outside […]

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Daybreaker: Morning’s Hottest Dance Party

New Yorkers love dance parties.  They dance in clubs, they dance in dive bars, they dance on Saturday afternoons after some day drinking, and at Brooklyn warehouse parties on Saturday nights.  Now we can add pre-work dance parties to the ever growing list of places New Yorkers enjoy getting their groove on. Daybreaker is an international movement that has been […]

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See Food and Eat It at Lolo’s Seafood Shack

  Whether you are looking for a vibrant outdoor food spot to catch the rays of summer or a place to hole up and pretend you’re in a faraway land during the seemingly never-ending rainstorms, Lolo’s Seafood Shack delivers on both counts. Co-owner Leticia (Skai) Young-Mohan and Chef Raymond Mohan sought to mesh a seaside “lolo,” or outdoor Caribbean restaurant, […]

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The Naked Truth: Hollywood’s Secrets Unveiled

It is all glitz and glamour when we look at the big stars. We think that everything is peachy because these are people who all have it together. The cool career, a lot of money, jewels, and hanging out with other rich people are some of the things that make us want to live that life. But are they really […]

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Kicking Off Summer at Tommy Bahama’s

Have you ever gotten so caught up in shopping that you completely forget to eat? That doesn’t happen to us too often, but if you’re one of those people who “forgets to eat,” the restaurant at Tommy Bahama is the perfect excuse to check out and take a load off. The wide open dining room boasts clean white walls and gorgeous wood […]

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Nanoosh: A Modern Spin on Mediterranean Food

Nanoosh gives Mediterranean food a modern spin with its wide variety of wraps, sandwiches, and salads available. Nanoosh has signature powerfood plates, which will ensure that you have a fulfilling meal. Earlier this week, the restaurant held their grand opening of the new location over in the Fashion District. Located at 469 7th Avenue, this is the perfect location to open […]

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Baking the Healthier Way with Real Sweet

Everyone has those cravings that can only be satisfied by the sweet stuff… dessert. Living in New York, people are tuned into the latest doughnut trend or pastry concoction, but sometimes the best type of dessert is not found at the bakery, but in your own kitchen. In the new cookbook Real Sweet by Shauna Sever, the author highlights the […]

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Angus Club Steakhouse Celebrates One Year Anniversary

I was running late for dinner. Not by much, but the M train had other ideas. I arrived at Angus Club Steakhouse, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, a bit flustered and perturbed from underground delays knowing that my dinning companion was 20 minutes into a Buillet Old Fashioned at the bar. The bartender had excellent suggestions, enthusiastic recommendations for us […]

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New Taste of the Upper West Side: Revisiting Classics Old, New, and Beloved

Though it has been quite the treat for us downtown kids to be courted and catered to by the food gliteratti, it is also lovely to re-visit neighborhoods one may not set out to visit very often.  One of the most exciting things about living in New York City is the opportunity for re-discovery, in and outside of your comfort […]

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