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Ball So Hard: A Vodka for the Ages

It’s time to go balls deep in some vodka. Well, not literally. Instead, try some interestingly named Balls Vodka, an American-made vodka, local right here in New York. Distilled four times and corn-fed, this spirit is both gluten-free and vegan, meaning no one is left out from the party. And at 80-proof, there will definitely be a party. Clocking in […]

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#ANightToRock Networking Event

Beauty bloggers and consultants Romy Raves and Amber Katz, and EvolveMKD, invited a group of successful and talented writers and bloggers to The Cutting Room for #ANightToRock – a night of music, cocktails, food and networking. Along the backdrop of the ultra-chic bar and music lounge, The Cutting Room, guests enjoyed a gourmet menu including lobster rolls, flat bread, crab cakes, […]

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Wines of Campania, Italy

Learning about wine is something that you can never really get enough of. Discovering new and exciting wines is like reconnecting with a long lost friend. Campania is a prominent wine region in Southern Italy, which is located along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Last week, some of the tops wine producers in the region showcased their varietals at Il Gattopardo in […]

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Curl Girls: There Is A Salon Just For You!

              Calling all “Curl Girls” aka girls and women with curly hair. Ever find it to be un-manageable? How about frizzy, floppy, not so curly, or just downright annoying with this hot summer and humidity? There is a solution on Fifth Avenue and it’s Curlisto. Christo, also known as “The King of Curls” by The […]

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Grand Ferry Tavern Celebrates 2 Years on Brooklyn Waterfront

In a city where turnover is more the rule than the exception, it is not uncommon for restaurants and bars to have short lifespans. Some of my favorite stomping grounds from only three years ago are but distant memories in my mind’s eye, never to be seen again. It is no small feat in this town to maintain some semblance […]

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West End Hall Brings a Beer Garden to UWS

The opening launch party of Upper West Side’s newest beer garden, West End Hall, took place recently to much success. Guests of the event enjoyed a tasting of the new menu, craft beer and a special performance by actor and singer Mack Wild. The collaboration of The Lure Group and KES Hospitality, West End Hall features a 2,000 square-foot backyard, a sophisticated […]

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SUPER! is the Mix Tape of Comic Book Stories

Ok, let’s think about what would make a cool theatrical production in 2015 if we mashed some pop culture together, shall we? Do we have super heroes? Yes. Do we have musical numbers? Check. Origin story? Its’ there. Love story? Of course. A bitter nemesis? Wouldn’t be good without one. Seems like we have everything on the list, so now […]

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Torn Together: Addiction & Recovery within the Restaurant Industry

When I first sat down to read Torn Together by Scott Magnuson and his wife Shaaren Pine, not only did I feel intrigued, but I also thought of myself as an ideal person to read such a book. The cover says that it is “one family’s journey through addiction, treatment & the restaurant industry” and the first page mentions that […]

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Cool Off at Randolph at Broome

Summer is well underway and Randolph at Broome is doing things a little differently this Summer. Famously known for their artisan coffee and cocktails, Randolph at Broome is now serving coffee on tap. Brewed from a state-of-the-art cold press, Toby’s Estate Brazil and Santa Ines are now officially on draft. We had the opportunity to stop in and rejuvenate with an […]

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FoamAroma: A New Way To Enjoy To-Go Coffee

Do you love the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning? The aromas, the flavors, the initial first sniff just makes your insides tingle, and you know you’re about to get a great caffeine buzz on. To many, this is routine in the morning, and for those that work early mornings it can be hard to enjoy those sniffs and […]

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