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Sushi Roxx Completes the Dream We Never Knew We Had

Ever wished you could go out for a delicious sushi dinner while simultaneously being surrounded by dancers, flashing lights and sumo wrestler artwork? Well, your wish can finally come true with the opening of Sushi Roxx, in Midtown East, where dinner theater just got a bit more exciting. This truly original concept combines a top notch sushi dinner with Pop […]

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#203 Brings Classic and Timeless Jewelry to the US

With the amount of jewelry makers out there it is always hard to find that one brand that is unique and puts effort, love, and hard work into developing classic and beautiful pieces for their consumers. #203 Jewelry is a brand that features handmade fine jewelry by designer Kousuke Ohdate. This is the first time that the brand will be […]

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Taking Sleep to the Next Level with Tempur-Pedic

According to, almost half of American adults do not feel as though they get enough sleep. You can help minimize the chances of a bad night’s sleep by treating yourself to the most comfortable and innovative mattresses and bedding available on the market. Last week, we enjoyed breakfast in bed with Tempur-Pedic, who introduced us to some of their amazing […]

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A Murder Mystery Sets Chase in The Bloody Shoe Affair

You have to love the fact that literature gives us the opportunity to write down our crazy stories. We each have vivid imaginations and would love to have our own stories published. While reading The Bloody Shoe Affair by Joy York I had a lot of thoughts run through my head, and one of them was the fact that I […]

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The Upper East Side Gets a Little Bit Rock n’ Roll

Rock and roll is not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about the Upper East Side. Wild Horse Tavern is about to change all of that. From Executive Chef Max Renny – formerly of Fatty Cue and Fatty Crab – comes a new restaurant with a focus on innovative bar food and American rock & roll. […]

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NextGen Brings Innovation and Technology to the Kitchen

One of the most important tools in the kitchen has been revolutionized. The fact that the knife has been reworked so that it is more “comfortable” to use is something that has to be seen to be believed. NextGen is the first chef’s knife that fits perfectly to your hand. This means that your hand won’t cramp or hurt when […]

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Old School French Fare Gets Dished Out at Le Périgord

Back in the day, things were done a certain way. People got dressed up in their finest clothes and jewelry to go out to dinner, they took in shows at the theater regularly, and they expected a certain level of service and attentiveness when they spent a night on the town. Nowadays, it’s more rare to don your finest attire […]

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Saturday Day MITF Double–Feature: “The Dinner” & “The Rise of The Usher”

Summer is a great time to be alive in New York City. Putting the humidity and foul smells aside, the streets are bursting with an energy that no other season brings to this wonderful place. For theater lovers, it’s the time of new shows opening everywhere and theater festivals presenting the best of the new crop. One of those festivals […]

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Get Back Out There This Summer with OFF!

Did you know that almost all Americans (97%) think it’s important to spend time outside, but only two-thirds (67%) believe they don’t get enough time out there?! Well, according to a survey by OFF!, Americans believe that bugs are the number one condition keeping them inside. The truth is, you don’t have to let the bugs win this summer, thanks […]

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Take an Adventure with Monkey Rum

You may know the name Zane Lamprey from one of his many drinking endeavors, including playing host to shows such as CHUG, Drinking Made Easy, Three Sheets and more. The drinking king, who has been asked countless times what his favorite drink is, decided to take matters into his own hands and create his own favorite tipple. Thus began the […]

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