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The Rooftop Film Club Has Arrived!

Listen up, New York City!! I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but this year, England’s Rooftop Film Club has invaded the city and is set to take over the outdoos movie-screening scene by a storm. First of all, great venue! The Yotel rooftop has a beautiful lounge to welcome anyone that wants to enjoy its luxury. Once on the fourth […]

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Puzzle The Will: Minimalistic Yet Ambitious New Hamlet

“To be or not to be…”  You know the rest of those words. “Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,”  But what if, instead of that, it was re-structured to be followed by: “So excellent a king; that was, to this, Hyperion to a satyr; so loving to my mother That he […]

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Kai Altair Hypnotizes in Brooklyn

Hypnotic is the word that comes to mind when watching Kai Altair perform. She aims to inspire a connection to the multiverse, and help create an elevated state on the dance floor. And that’s exactly what she accomplished at her album release party in Brooklyn. At the eclectic-chic bar and lounge, Lot 45 Buswick, Altair celebrated the release of her […]

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I Scream and You Scream For No Churn Ice Cream!

Summer’s hot, lets face it. Nothing is more refreshing and more beloved than ice cream or sorbet on a hot sunny day. For those who enjoy cooking at home and using fresh ingredients in all your meals, including dessert, making fresh ice cream and sorbet at home has never been easier with the help of No Churn Ice Cream by Leslie Bilderback. […]

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Toasting the Town: New York Heritage Salon & Bounty

The Grand Ballroom of the Prince George Hotel in Flatiron exudes just the right amount of panache to host an event that pays homage to New York’s tried and true establishments. Hosted by Toasting the Town, the first annual New York Heritage Salon and Bounty was a unique event honoring what so many of us love about New York City: […]

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Afraid of the Word Vegan? Not Anymore!

Are you stuck in a smoothie rut? Are you nervous to start fooling around with powdered proteins that are supposed to substitute for food? Do you have a Luddite inspired fear of a future where meals come in tablet form? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, don’t panic!! We have a solution. Vegan Smart Shake is […]

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Keep Your Cool with These 12 Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Fun in the summer sun often requires more than just you + sunshine. Add a couple outdoor activities, some friends or family and a nice, cold drink and then we can talk. To ensure you’re living up summer to the max, we’ve rounded up some of the tastiest, booziest, and most refreshing cocktails for you to make and enjoy this […]

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“The Weir” Will Haunt You – Take a Seat

Pace. When someone asks me what is the most important thing when it comes to storytelling, I tell him or her without hesitation that it is pacing. Not the story, since a skilled director can improve that. Not the characters, as the plot can make up for the lack of interesting personalities. Not the setting, as sometimes the dialogue can […]

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Twists and Turns Abound in Neal Goldstein’s Latest Novel

I like leaving the world behind and immersing myself in a good series. Yes, there are stories that are better left to just one novel. But then there are those characters that deserve to have their stories told. What I find is that the author then has a difficult job in creating original stories and making sure that the main […]

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“Beyond The Mask” is an Adventurous Misstep

The American Revolution is known for its high stakes, bravery, and ultimately creating a powerful nation that will spearhead the world in a matter of two centuries. The swashbuckling romance sub-genre is one that fits this time-period perfectly. With its action packed set pieces to break the intimate scenes that drive the plot, this combination should have something for action […]

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