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What To Eat at This Year’s US Open

Every year, the US Open brings flocks of people to Queens to see the best of the best duke it out on the courts. But while all the rallies and backswings are heating up the courts, the many food vendors are also duking it out in the stands to give guests the best food at the open. Touted as one […]

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A Year in the Life of a Dog

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? What goes on in their furry little heads? In Plumdog, British illustrator Emma Chichester Clark draws and narrates the thoughts of her dog, Plum. Since 2012, Clark’s blog – also called Plumdog – amused followers with her whimsical portrayals of Plum’s everyday life. Now in print, Plumdog provides a comical insight into the mind of a very […]

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“Stockholm Savings”: A Thrilling Choice For These Dog Days of Summer

On August 22 in the early ’70s, a man named John Wojtowicz held a Chase Bank hostage to be able to pay for his partner’s sex-change operation. The bizarre story caught the public’s attention, and the men became media darling. At the end… well, I won’t tell you. There’s already a little adaptation of this story floating around if you […]

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Putting the ‘and’ Back into Hospitality at Ampersand

In a city that prides itself on ever-changing style, evolution and re-invention are commonplace things. Don’t like your hair?  Chop it off. Over your closet? Shopping sprees are an easy solution given the proper credit limit. For bars and restaurants, total makeovers are much more difficult to come by. The establishment formerly known as The Pizza Pub boasted a great […]

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Primp Your Way to NYFW at Panasonic Beauty Bar

Fashion Week happens but twice a year in New York City and in early September lucky fashionistas and fashionistos will get to attend some of the hottest parties and coolest runway shows in town. While some of us have been shopping for weeks for the perfect outfits, some of us need some help to complete the look. Panasonic Beauty Bar […]

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“Pedro Pan” Is As Entertaining As It Is Important

As a critic, I go to the theater a lot. Most times it’s not even to review a show. I love theater. I love the intimacy it provides. I love the imagination that is triggered and the innovative way in which it keeps evolving. To make a stage into another place, transport us into another world, and make us care […]

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A Look Inside Sir Ivan’s Infamous Party in the Hamptons

Long known for hosting his over the top annual summer parties, philanthropist and recording artist Sir Ivan was at it again this past weekend at his castle in the Hamptons. The Royal Tea Dance Party celebrated Sir Ivan’s new anti-bullying anthem and music video “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye,” which features Taylor Dayne. Over 600 party-goers traipsed up the long […]

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Get the Scoop on Verizon FiOS

With a wide selection of internet and cable services at your disposal, it can be a difficult choice trying to find the right one for your needs. New Yorkers are often stuck with whatever company happens to provide their services at your building, and unfortunately don’t have as many options as the rest of the country. Most people stick to […]

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Telepan: An Unparalleled Favorite on the Upper West Side

I’ve been hearing good things about Telepan since I first moved to the city, yet somehow it took me this long to finally get up and go check it out for myself. Located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, not far from the bustling Lincoln Center, Telepan’s New American cuisine is every bit worth the price. Multiple dining rooms make for […]

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Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! That’s exactly what you can expect aboard Hornblower Cruises for their special boozy musical event, The Imbible: Rum Drinks…And Pirates! After one of our writers had rave reviews about The Imbible: A Spirited History of Drinking, I was quite curious to check it out for myself. Luckily, the opportunity arose with this […]

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