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Leela NYC Theatre Festival Celebrates Non-Traditional Casting

New York City is the biggest apple and you are bound to find something do, watch, or eat at every single hour of the day. When it comes to theatre, there are never too many festivals so it’s always great when a fresh new festival pops up and brings us something new. The Leela Theatre Festival is a brand new festival […]

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Dempsey’s Pub: Are You Game?

Where do you go in New York City to switch things up? An Irish pub might not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to think outside the box (hello, they’re on every corner), but Dempsey’s Pub recently rolled out a fun-fueled line-up of nightly events that might just be that little something extra you’re looking for. […]

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“The Boys Are Angry” and You Should Pay Attention

Brace yourself, New York. It’s the middle of August which means Fringe NYC has taken over our precious city. A great time to be a theater lover, this annual producer’s extravaganza is ripe with the up-and-coming talent that will dominate the scene for years to come in our city and beyond. Some productions come ready. Impressing everyone. Making sure the […]

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Keep Your Cool: CAFF Cold Brew Coffee Hits the Market

Drawing inspiration from the slang term Caff, which refers to London cafés of the 1930s, CAFF Cold Brew Coffee is now available to New Yorkers. The cold brew coffee is both bottled and brewed by hand in Brooklyn and is steeped using a special blend of freshly roasted coffee in water overnight, where it then undergoes a two step filtration […]

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Cleansing Your Mind, Body and Soul

Sometimes we just need to hit the reset button. Between work and play it can hard to find some downtime and spend time on yourself. Not anymore! We found some amazing products and services that will have you loving your ‘you’ time. Lighting a candle can have a calming effect on anyone. Even more relaxing, though, is a massage. Now you […]

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The UES Keeps It Classy with Swifty’s

Located on the posh Upper East Side of Manhattan sits Swifty’s, a quaint, yet sophisticated restaurant that its regulars can’t stop raving about. I came across Swifty’s while searching for a special place to dine for my upcoming birthday, and it seemed like the perfect Upper East excursion for my special day. At first glance, Swifty’s seems to exude those […]

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Sweeten Up Your Workspace with Fla-Ver Candies

I don’t know about you, but I think a desk says a lot about the person who occupies it. Minimalism is out and I like to surround myself with plenty of things to inspire creativity. Plus, sometimes a nice jolt of something tasty is just what I need to get out of the midday rut. Fla-Ver Candies are a brand […]

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Gluten-Free Snacks Just Got Tastier

Snacking isn’t usually known for being a great habit or particularly healthy, but sometimes a craving strikes and you need a bag of something to munch on. Gluten-free options are becoming more and more prevalent in the United States, yet it can still be difficult to find gluten-free options that are just as tasty as their regular counterparts. Snyder of […]

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Behind the Music Notes at The Cutting Room

New York City has a very eclectic music scene and there is no shortage of live music options. But when I walked into The Cutting Room, I was reminded that all music venues are not created equal. If the name sounds familiar to you it’s because it first opened in 1999 but changed its location to the trendy Flatiron District […]

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Amigos Restaurant Brings Authentic Mexican Food & BBQ to Morningside Heights

Sometimes I wish I had more time to visit all the restaurants in New York City because you always end up finding restaurants that you fall in love with and wonder why you have never heard of them before. Amigos Restaurant is the perfect spot to kick back drinks with some friends after work and enjoy their tasty dishes. Executive […]

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