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AMCONYC Wear Your Label & Black Phumelele

Millennials are doing some kick-ass things in the fashion industry. AMCONYC is a production and coordination agency whose main goal is to showcase the phenomenal things that millennials are doing in the industry. This New York Fashion Week AMCONYC put together a group of shows featuring emerging designers, and I had the pleasure of attending the Black Phumelele and Wear […]

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High Class Italian Wows at The Leopard at des Artistes

With a history as colorful as its menu, it’s no surprise that The Leopard at des Artistes wows its crowd time and time again. It’s history is rich — a part of the Hotel Des Artistes, which was originally designed as an artist’s cooperative apartment building in 1918, the Café des Artistes (as it was originally named) was designed to […]

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A Book Filled With Inspiration

As New Yorkers, we pass countless people on the street each day, but do you ever stop and wonder what story each individual carries? There is the person in the subway singing a song they wrote and slowly achieving their dream or the activist trying to spread knowledge about issues to make the world a better place, all these people […]

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Style Lounges Take Over NYFW

Running around from one event to the next is commonplace during New York Fashion Week. Oftentimes, the best part of the day is when you take a breather and get pampered at one of the many fashion and beauty lounges that take place throughout the week. Read about some of our favorites! Panasonic Beauty Bar Taking place at Arrojo, the […]

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Kazza Wine Bar Heats Up Washington Heights

Discovering new and swanky wine bars is my favorite pastime when the fall season hits NYC. I like to think of myself as a wine connoisseur, but the truth is there’s always more to learn when it comes to wine. So I heard about a new bar in Washington Heights. I know what you’re thinking. Washington Heights is a neighborhood […]

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Bubbles and Bites

  If you’ve ever been to Fashion Week before, then you know it’s chock full of events, leaving you exhausted and running around all over the city. So when I was invited to Bubbles and Bites for a midday reprieve, I couldn’t refuse. Hosted by Sara Lehman of Somm in the City (and also a contributor to Manhattan with a […]

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The Silver Ships: A New Space Adventure by S.H. Jucha

While I read novels from every genre, I don’t remember the last time that I was so entertained and immersed in a sci-fi series. The Silver Ships by S.H. Jucha, was a welcome read because it was just plain entertaining. The author rolled out a whole new world for us and all we had to do was read and follow […]

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“Little Thing, Big Thing” Shows Us What the Irish Are Made Of

Right now, at this very moment, the Origin’s 1st Irish Festival has taken over the lovely spaces of 59E59. This is a pretty important piece of trivia to know, since it is the only theatre festival in the world dedicated to Irish playwrights, which is crazy to think about when you count the number of great works that have come […]

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Monkey Rum Bottles Get a Makeover

Talk about cool! Monkey Rum is not only totally delicious (the coconut version is easy to drink straight up, and sweet enough for those who don’t like strong drinks), but it is actually the world’s first spirit bottle that was designed to be turned into glassware. That’s right, once you finish the bottle, you can turn it into a sophisticated […]

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A Trip to Saratoga Springs Begs a Visit to the Race Track

A relatively quick hop, skip and a jump away from New York City lies Saratoga Springs, a quaint town in upstate New York that is well known for its impressive race track. Saratoga Race Course plays host to America’s Best Racing, a fan development and awareness-building program created and funded by The Jockey Club, which was designed to increase the […]

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