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Move Over Fireball, A New Flavored Whiskey Is About to Knock Your Socks Off

Tea + whiskey = heaven. Which is obviously why the folks over at Marlee’s Green Tea Whiskey came up with a killer spirit that combines two beloved drinks into one. The whiskey is comprised of a proprietary blend of green tea sourced from select farms in China, and is then brewed and blended with American rye and a bit of […]

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An Urban Picnic in Gramercy

What do you call a cozy tavern in the residential neighborhood of Gramercy that offers beer and cheese pairings as well as crustless finger sandwiches, brightly checkered table cloths, and a whole lot of deliciousness? An urban picnic! Certified Cicerone (official beer sommelier) Anne Becerra and Cheese monger and Malt’n’Mold owner Kevin Heald came together to curate a spectacular beer […]

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“Beware The Chupacabra!” Is As Good As Its Title

There’s so many things that can make a production successful. It can have an incredible technical presence in which the audience can find themselves lost. This can mask poor storytelling easily, just as the ability to tell a good story can hide the limited technical aspects. Some will create philosophies that will change your life. Some make you think about […]

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After Perfect: What It Means To Fall From The 1%

Diving in to the audiobook After Perfect by Christina McDowell was similar to diving into an actual swimming pool. Initially, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it. The ostensible cry of “I’m too rich, it’s not fun anymore” hit me like ice-cold water, displeasing and offending me. I thought that the entire book was going to be about […]

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There’s a New Kiwi In Town…And It’s Taking Over Your Cocktails

Enjoying cocktails doesn’t have to be an unhealthy experience. Nowadays mixologists find inspiration everywhere, and especially with people trying to take in the last few days of summer, people are more health conscious than ever. Using fruit as a cocktail base makes for a fun, fruity and colorful drink…and packs it full of vitamins! And for those of you who […]

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Garnished with History Makes the Perfect Cocktail

Midtown is home to countless bars and restaurants, but every once in a while there is a new opening that is too enticing to bypass. Tanner Smith’s, a house of cocktails, transports people away from hectic city life to a relaxed and timeless era of drinks and camaraderie. Paying homage to the past, Tanner Smith’s is named after infamous gangster […]

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