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Heroes Reborn: Brave New World

Fans of the hit TV Show Heroes can rejoice this year because the hit TV show that went off the air back in 2010 is back with a TV mini-series, Heroes Reborn. Is this enough to satisfy the fans? Probably not. But as someone that was a huge fan of the original TV Series, I am so glad to see […]

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“Unhealthy” Gives Us a Glimpse into our Own Lives

  To the common person, horror stories are  full of monsters, demons, or some sort of supernatural disruption which ends in horrific things happening to those around it. The terror that precedes encountering serial killers and watching them do something awful in their world. To the common person these tales are as far from the truth as superheroes. Besides serial […]

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A Welcome Addition to the Neighborhood: Haymaker Bar and Kitchen

Restaurants and bars are constantly opening throughout the city, and while many do not live up to the hype there are some worth going out of your way to visit. The area near Penn Station and Madison Square Garden is not considered a food mecca, but with the recent opening of new eateries, including Haymaker Bar and Kitchen, it is bringing […]

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“Fatty Fatty No Friends” is the Perfect Musical for the Season

“Fatty Fatty no friends, it’s the song that never ends…” Hear those words. Let them become part of you. Let them seep into you. Realize what they mean then… unleash on them! Halloween season brings another great seasonal tale for us to watch on stage. After taking a break from the horrific with a little stroll through Broadway, I went […]

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All About Olives From Spain

  On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, the best of the best in food and spirits industry gathered in New York City for Spain’s Great Match. The annual event showcases over 200 wines from regions all over Spain, as well as signature tapas from some of NYC’s top Spanish restaurants. Reds, whites and cavas were all being poured in ample amounts […]

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Hallowed Haunts in New York City

It’s all about Halloween right now in New York City. Bars are serving up their spookiest cocktails, scary movies can be found on almost every TV channel, haunted houses are popping up left and right, and late night parties are more ghoulish than ever. So how’s a New Yorker to know what bloody great activities to prioritize in a city […]

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A New Spot for All Your Home Good Needs

Fashion week may have wound down last month, but you would never know it by stepping into the New York’s Flatiron opening of Madura, a Parisian home goods transplant that oozes elegance and style. From the third floor in-house DJ who “takes hugs but not requests” and the constantly flowing champagne, it seemed everyone not invited to the Hudson adjacent […]

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Spooktacular Movies and Cocktail Pairings

Everyone knows that October is all about Halloween. I happen to take this ghoulish holiday very seriously, and that means watching as many scary movies as I can get my hands on. Luckily, with Verizon FiOS, access to scary movies is no problem! We scoured the network’s horror listings and decided to pair up their top 10 new releases with […]

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It’s Time To Be Gifted

Clothing is not just a fashion statement, but also an extension of your personality. Gifted Apparel NYC, the Brooklyn based clothing company, brings style and urban flare a twist that has appealed to people from New York to California to Vegas and Texas. Entering the industry with recognition by countless A-List celebrities, including Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z and Jason Derulo, […]

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Find Out What You’re Missing With The Noticer’s Guide To Living And Laughing

I couldn’t open up The Noticer’s Guide to Living and Laughing, penned by Margery Leveen Sher, quickly enough. Not only did the cover page claim that the book could help “change your life without changing your routine,” but the back of the book posed such questions as: “Do you want to be awestruck every day? Do you want to laugh […]

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