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Get “On Your Feet!” or You’ll Be Missing Out

“Whether you like it or not, this is the face of America.” Those words resonated with me and took me back to the summer of 2003 when I was 19 years old and had just arrived to this country. The immense pressure to assimilate that this society puts onto you was in direct contrast against my Caribbean pride. For a […]

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The ultimate miracle worker for Your Skin Has Been Found

I am always hesitant to try new products on my skin. Somehow, I was ‘blessed’ with the trifecta of sensitive, combination and acne-prone skin so finding great products can be a challenge. I’ve always loved philosophy’s bath lotions because they smell amazing and lock in moisture, so when I had the opportunity to try out some of their latest skincare […]

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Offerings: Artwork Has Never Tasted So Good

Long before people were sharing their food on Instagram, Eat-Art artist, Dorothee Selz, used food as a medium for artistic expression. Doing away with the formal presentation of food, Eat-Art artists believe food is not only an experience, but can also be an expression of art that all can enjoy. Presented by the French Cheese Board, Dorothee Selz’s solo exhibition, […]

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Ten Way On A Gun Exposes Our Darkest Obsessions

Imagine buying a gun… Imagine that, right? I mean it is a pretty standard thought. Also imagine you have a job that is crushing your soul, and your boss is also the father of the girl you currently live with. Then the girlfriend does not approve of said gun, and in your desperation to get rid of it you end up […]

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Charcuterie, Cocktails, and Candles: Hello, Drexler’s

Nestled behind the glorious structure of Boulton and Watt and bustling Houston Street lies Drexler’s an elegant and chic bar rightly situated at the border of the East Village and the Lower East Side. When it comes to escaping the frenetic New York lifestyle, Drexler’s delivers. Whether it’s the dim lighting, the exposed brick and decorative iron bars, or the […]

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Bagatelle: Not Just About That Brunch

Popular dining destination Bagatelle, located in the bustling Meatpacking District, is known for its over-the-top brunch parties, where both locals and tourists flock to dance on tables and pop champagne, all while enjoying eggs and french toast. But whether you’ve experienced one of their brunches or not, Bagatelle offers more than just a fun weekend party. Their dinners are tasty […]

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NORTH Festival Showcases Nordic Cuisine to NYCers

I have to admit, I wasn’t too familiar with Nordic food when I first learned of the 3rd annual NORTH Nordic Food Festival. But I was about to learn a lot. New Nordic Cuisine has had huge impact on the world’s dining scene since it first arrived 10 years ago. NORTH Food Festival is the perfect opportunity to experience the […]

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Taco Joint with a Fusion Flair Hits Greenpoint

Greenpoint can feel like the hottest New York neighborhood one moment, with its hoards of bespectacled thrift store aficionados funneling out of the Nassau Av G stop. Then, when you pause to appreciate the old-world charm of its competing Polish pharmacies and elaborate banquet halls, you remember, this is a well-worn community with established rhythms and favorite haunts that predate […]

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The Pumpkin Pie Show: Labor Pains Kills Any Baby Fever You May Have

Halloween keeps rolling with its takeover of this city. And with it, the minds of the most twisted individuals brings to us the most terrifying experiences to life. And in a basement, under a St. Marks building, in this old and fruitful city, one of those mad scientists you think about exercises his work for an audience which loves the […]

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Camino de Santiago: Make the Journey

    Pack your bags for a vacation muy especiales! Mark your calendars for May 15, 2016 – the first departure date for Country Walkers‘ new luxury guided walking tour, Spain: Classic Camino de Santiago. Vamos! Vamos! For over 35 years, Country Walkers has offered immersive Guided Walking Adventures around the world. Each trip has a handcrafted itinerary, making each journey […]

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