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Verizon FiOS and Chill: The Best Romantic Movies to Hunker Down With This Winter

Whether you’re coupled, single or dating, winter is the best time of year to stay indoors, cuddle up on the couch, and watch TV. With cold days looming ahead, it’s inevitable that you will find yourself on many a night in. ‘Netflix and chill’ may be a solid option, but Verizon FiOS has way more on demand options to choose […]

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Tempting the Devil in the Name of God

Howard Beckman has been many things, but boring is not one of them. Yogi, gemologist, father, Ayurvedic expert, astronomical guru, husband, heroin addict, international drug trafficker. Survivor of both the Thai and American penal system. Writer, motivational speaker. Animal lover. Friend. These are all descriptors that can be employed to describe him, and yet none of them are singularly able […]

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Relive Your Childhood with The Lion King on Broadway

Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase. We certainly had no worries when we had the opportunity to score tickets to see The Lion King on Broadway! The Disney production was spectacular from start to finish, entertaining both children and adults alike. From the costumes to the staging and the props to the performers, every little detail seemed to be just […]

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Winter Cocktails Up High at Bar 54

Times Square can be overwhelming, especially to a seasoned New Yorker. The hustle and bustle, crowds, lines and crowded restaurants can easily make you crazy… but isn’t that the beauty of New York? For those seeking more of an intimate experience after the theater, on a weeknight or weekend, and want a guaranteed seat or table, you should check out the Hyatt Times […]

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Drinking Campari with Kate

Who knew that every year Campari releases a calendar featuring stunning celebrities? Not me! Now in its 17th year, Italy’s bittersweet aperitif unveiled it’s latest calendar featuring the lovely Kate Hudson. Each year, the calendar, made exclusively for Campari’s 9,999 closest friends, has a different theme, and with the presidential election looming ahead, it was fitting for Campari to title […]

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Deals & Steals: Wine Kloud Brings You the Best

With the holidays unfolding right before our eyes, it’s common to panic about gifts. Wine Kloud, a recently launched website by co-founders Darian Wilson and Rich Martini, is a consumer-centric site that curates that best deals on wine around the country. Need a last minute hostess gift? Looking for a fabulous wine to pair with your Friendsgiving stuffing? Wine Kloud […]

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“Promising” Asks the Questions You Hate to Ask Yourself

Privilege. That word. That invisible reassurance. That dangerous ‘thing’ that comes with entitlement. Privilege — some have it, some are born into it, some have never known what it means. To have it is to have access to a certain level of opportunities that come with it. Obviously not everybody has the same amount of privilege. To obtain it, it’s […]

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The Best Soup Dumplings In New York? Head Uptown!

Soup dumplings are quietly creeping up in the culinary scene to become the new Cronut. If you haven’t noticed, it’s one of those dishes that gets a mention every time the gang gathers to grab Chinese food. Everyone has their favorite and folks flock from all over to try the latest incarnation. Well, if you haven’t ventured north of Canal Street […]

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We Adore Adoro Lei

Remember the kids’ game Pizza Party? Mixing and matching toppings for your pizza was fun even when it was just cardboard, so imagine how much more fun and exciting it becomes with actual pizza at your disposal. Unusual and intriguing combinations of toppings adorn the Neapolitan pizzas at Adoro Lei. The SoHo pizzeria opened its doors in January 2015 with […]

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Dish Envy, Where All Your Food Dreams Come True

Do you have a running list of restaurants on the notes section of your phone that you are constantly updating? Do you endlessly read reviews, or text your friends who are “in the know” for restaurant recommendations and what to eat at said restaurants? Do you refuse to let your dining companions touch their plates until you have meticulously photographed […]

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