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Drinking the Devil’s Acre

When I received word that I was invited to a book reading about San Francisco and its cocktails, I couldn’t have been more elated. I spent a year in the historic city; ironically enough, as a bartender. I slang cocktails and poured fancy wine for eight hours a day. After work, my hipsters friends and I would hit up the […]

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Behind the Scene at NY Champagne Week

Some call it magic in a glass. It can be sweet or dry. Its bubbles have been known to change your mood immediately. And once a year for three years straight, New York City devotes an entire week to the magical drink known as champagne. The week long champagne lifestyle party celebrates the best that champagne has to offer and […]

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NYC’s 3rd Annual Champagne Week Soliders on with Burgers & Bubbles

Once a year, a magical week descends on New York City that transforms ordinary employees of restaurants, hotels, wine and liquor distributors, and the media into smiling, glass clinking human beings. What fashion week is to models, designers, photographers, and even regular old New Yorkers, champagne week is to anyone even tangentially connected to the hospitality industry. On day three of […]

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Mulino a Vino: The Windmill That Runs on Wine

Mulino a Vino, a clever play on Italian words, literally means “a windmill that runs on wine.”  More notably, Mulino a Vino is an anomaly because it is a restaurant in the Meatpacking District where you don’t hate everything – in fact, it is just the opposite. This basement wine bar vibe is delightfully enhanced by the spectacular menu and […]

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Tragedy, Grief, and Self-Discovery in a Time of War

How do we move on from the past? How do we define ourselves after tragedy? Pam Jenoff, author of the popular novel, The Kommandant’s Girl, explores these issues in her new book, The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach. In 1941, Adelia Monteforte, an Italian Jewish teenager, is suddenly put on a boat and sent to America for safety. Alone in a new country, […]

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Sunrise, Sunset: A Room with a Different View

One constant that occurs every day is the rising and setting of the sun. However, that same constant changes each day: no sunrise or sunset is the same. Each new day is a new beginning. In Sunrise, Sunset: 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude, book publicist and writer, Kim Weiss, uses photography to share this message. “When I see the sun rise, […]

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Music and Politics Meld Together in Sweet Micky for President

Documentaries are my absolutely favorite thing to watch. There isn’t a documentary I haven’t seen on Netflix. But instead of a night with Netflix, I was invited to the exclusive Friars Club for cocktails and a private viewing of “Sweet Micky for President,” a film following Pras Michel as he backs a candidate in the Haitian election. This is a […]

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Classic and Dynamic Sushi at Sushi Star

A new sushi place opened up recently in Midtown to rave reviews by customers and press alike. Alex and Roman Volland are the masterminds behind Sushi Star, a convenient little store for fresh and unique items, like their popular dynamite roll. I had a chance to stop by to visit Sushi Star and enjoy the amazing taste of nigari and […]

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Daybreaker Gets Mad on the River

After the last Daybreaker party I attended, I didn’t they could top it. Well I was wrong! Mad Hatter was a Daybreaker party, Halloween edition, and it wasn’t your average Halloween party in New York City. The Mad Hatter Daybreaker Party was determined to break all of the rules. Held on a yacht from Hornblower Cruises, Mad Hatter boasted the […]

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A Spanish Meatball and Olive Recipe to Die For

I don’t know about you, but I love exploring and learning about different cultures. One of my favorites ways to do that, of course, is through food. Spain is one of my favorite countries to visit, so naturally, their food is also at the top of my list. Whenever I see the word ‘albondigas’ on a menu, my heart skips […]

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