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“Cuckooed” Reveals the Thin Line Between Love and Deception

Whenever the common audience member hears the words one-man/woman show, they groan a little. They get suspicious. In theater, when you hear drama, you think it probably has to do with family or some coming of age tale that ends with a twist. When you hear comedy, you think witty lines and some nice slapstick. When you hear innovative, you automatically […]

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A Blast From the Past: First Person America

A piece of the past has returned to the present with Ann Banks’ audiobook First Person America. Originally published in paperback in 1991, Audible recently released the audio version with award-winning broadcaster Tony Kahn narrating the book. Banks takes the lost history of Americans during the 1930’s and transforms it into a powerful read that shows the lives of people […]

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Blockheads’ Fall Inspired Dishes Are No Joke

The first Blockheads location opened up in 1989 and I can’t believe that as a New Yorker I have never visited the popular Mexican restaurant and bar before. I recently visited the new location, located in the village, and I was lucky to visit at the perfect time. I was drawn to this restaurant because I love Mexican food but I […]

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Consolidating Your Make-Up In One Easy Z Palette

Makeup artists and makeup fanatics alike are always looking for new ways to consolidate and organize their makeup. Sure, you have multiple palettes, but sometimes it’s still difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. Celebrity makeup artist, Zena Shteysel was all too familiar with the struggles facing makeup lovers, so she created Z Palette. I was invited to a […]

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The Perfect Appetizer: Fried Olives

As you know, we recently discovered the versatility and deliciousness that are Olives from Spain. Packed full of healthy vitamins and antioxidants, these olives are perfect for snacking on. And if you want to switch it up in the kitchen, we have a wonderful recipe for you. Whether you’re hosting a get together or just preparing a snack for yourself, […]

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The Titanic Comes to Life in Jersey City

Everyone knows the Jack and Rose version of what went down the night the Titanic sank in 1912, but now New Yorkers have a chance to get up close and personal to the history and relics from that fateful April night. A quick PATH ride away, Jersey City is home to the Liberty Science Center, which just opened up Titanic: […]

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“Scream Queens and Crazed Fiends” Brings 70’s Horror to the Spotlight

Short play festivals get a bad rep nowadays, and for good reason. The overabundance of opportunities has diminished the competitive nature of festivals, and playwrights do not feel like they have to try as hard to get their shows produced in NYC. Actually, the “produced in NYC” label that people used to say with much pride has lost a little […]

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Manhattan Moonshine: Something Good Came from Prohibition

Although Prohibition is often looked back at a time of repression, but it in fact, sparked a lot of creativity within the country, especially within the spirits industry. Moonshine saw a huge resurgence during the Prohibition era, and now we can enjoy it again with Manhattan Moonshine Whiskey, a prohibition-style premium moonshine. Made from a unique blend of the finest […]

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Playing with Color, Cards, and Tequila: How Partida Took Brand Awareness to a Whole New Level

If you aren’t looking for the Soho Arts Club, odds are that you will walk right by it. On a quiet section of Wooster Street in the heart of Soho, this easily missed entranceway opens up into a Narnia-inspired alternate universe where Andy Warhol once spent some time. This chic white studio space was transformed by the joyful accents reflective […]

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Beauty At Your Fingertips

  Ever feel the need to totally give your toiletry bag a makeover? We do, too, which is why every once in a while, we love testing out new products to swap out with the old and in with the new! You never know if you’re going to like something new, and oftentimes, some skin products can leave you worse […]

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