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NYC Spotlight: Mind The Art Entertainment and the Beauty of Collaborative Work

New York City. When you see it from afar, you think of the bright lights that “blind” you or the fact that “if you make it here, you can make it anywhere.” The truth and deception in those statements live together like an old married couple that made it after some terrible years and realize they exist better with each […]

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Jane Martin’s “H2O” Pits Faith vs Fame Under the Bright Lights

Imagine being a theater actor in New York City. You move in, probably with the idea that you will be big since in your high school you were always the lead. You think the world is waiting for you. Then you come here and it dawns on you, every little town had somebody just like you, and most of them […]

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8 Boozy Beverages to Gift Wrap This Holiday Season

Sometimes the easiest gift of all is the simplest. Alcohol. Almost everybody drinks it and it’s a quick and easy thing to grab on your way to a party. Plus, it’s practical because parties always inevitably run out of booze. We have put together some of our favorite options for this holiday season, so get to your nearest liquor store […]

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A Contemporary Ballet Company Pushes Boundaries in the Heart of Chelsea

Former Alvin Ailey principal dancers Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson peeled off and opened their own contemporary ballet company – Complexions. Through this platform, they wanted to push boundaries and redefine the societal conventions of the dance world. One of the most incredible aspects of this company is the diversity of the ensemble, both physically and stylistically. Rhoden’s choreography both […]

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Up, Up and Away!

Broadway is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about plays in New York City. But the city has a lot more to offer than just Broadway. Interactive plays, where the audience is encouraged to join in on the festivities, are my favorite type of shows. Choreography by company co-founder Emily Smyth Vartanian, in collaboration with actor/sculptor […]

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Take Adult Coloring to the Next Level

Adult coloring books are the latest, hottest trend. Personally, I’ve been coloring in coloring books since high school and people thought I was super dorky, but I always found it to be a great stress reliever. So now that it’s the new cool thing to do, I’m happy to find coloring books actually catered to adults…no offense Hello Kitty, but […]

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“Another Son of Venezuela” Celebrates Freedom, Immigration, and Latin America in Style

Entering Joe’s Pub last night I had no preparation for the emotional hour I was about to embark on. Have you ever been to that space? The clash of the modern crowd with the old school vibe of a hotel lounge from the 1950s creates a space where you feel both cool and classy. Their drink selection was diverse, their food […]

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Get Cozy Fireside at The Vine This Winter

Who doesn’t like a nice, warm fireplace during the wintertime? No one I know. But us city dwellers are limited when it comes to having a fireplace in our closet-sized apartments. The next best thing is finding a cozy bar or restaurant that fuels the flames as they feed you. Located within the Hotel Eventi lies The Vine, a perfect spot […]

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Save the Animals One Drink at a Time

When in doubt, vodka. When you’re out at a bar and can’t think of what you want to drink, vodka is usually the go-to choice. With so many vodkas to choose from, each better and smoother than the next, people usually opt for a well-know brand and don’t think twice about learning about other options. Well, we’re here to tell […]

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Get Ready to Dunk It at Taureau

On a chilly New York night, stepping into restauranteur and chef Didier Pawlicki’s Taureau will instantly warm you up. Maybe it’s the old-school exposed brick walls and ceilings. Maybe it’s the French wine. Maybe it’s the jovial atmosphere. Or maybe it’s the fondue. Yes, fondue is the name of the game at this SoHo restaurant. Save room when going to […]

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