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5 Must-Have Apps for Adventure Seekers

Calling all adventurers! It’s that time of year that it’s finally starting to warm up, which makes it perfect to get outdoors and flex those exploration muscles. Of course, if thrill-seeking is on your agenda, it’s always imperative that safety comes first. We’ve compiled a great list of apps that will help you to get your fix of adventure this […]

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NYC Dance Alliance Celebrates Six Years of Cultural Advancement

At the Joyce Theater, one of the most intimate and lovely theaters in New York, the NYC Dance Alliance celebrated its sixth year in existence by showcasing the work of some of its participants, alumni, and sponsors. This wonderful evening brought to light the work of founder and dance lover Joe Lanteri, a proud advocate for the performing arts. Donors […]

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It’s Cold Brew Coffee Season!

Cold brew coffee is a trend that is growing rapidly. During the spring and summer months, nothing is more refreshing than a nice cup of cold brew, am I right? Lottie Terzi, the founder of Brooklyn Diamond Coffee was determined to brew a cold brew coffee that she could enjoy that wasn’t like all the rest. Brooklyn Diamond Coffee was founded […]

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“Much Ado About Nothing”: An Entertaining Spin On A Classic Play

When I first sat down to write a review of the most recent play I saw, William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” I honestly didn’t know where to begin. To say the least, this production blew me out of my seat. Despite my seemingly dramatic words, I was so very pleasantly taken aback by just how good this show was. […]

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“Primary” is a Delightful Human Exploration

It’s such a special thing when in a tired political season you go to see a play and it refreshes your interest in the current race. To be relevant, reproducing a mirror America set in 1999, and to keep it endearing forces you to take a perspective you may have forgotten you had. A child-like perspective, one that is just […]

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Walter’s Coffee is Brewing in Brooklyn

It’s been three years since chemistry teacher Walter White heated things up on the infamous television series Breaking Bad, and fans are still trying to find a way to get their fix. Enter Deniz Kosan, an entrepreneur that got the inspiration to open Walter’s Coffee Roastery from an episode of the series. After opening the original location in Istanbul, Kosan is venturing into […]

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Experience the City’s Latest Fusion Trend at Natsumi Tapas

When you think of fusion, you’re probably picturing something like kimchi tacos or ramen burgers. You probably don’t think about sushi and meatballs. But that’s exactly what they’re thinking at Natsumi Tapas (323 Third Ave. at 24th Street), a new restaurant/lounge in Gramercy where gastropreneur Barbara Matsumura of Haru fame, is combining the delicacies of her beloved Japanese cuisine with […]

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French Flare Hits the Bowery

France? No, the Bowery. Rich in culture and outstanding cuisine, France is everyone’s dream vacation. But if you can’t make it to France just yet, La Gamelle, under the new direction of chef Denis Kuc and consulting chef Michael Burbella, is your perfect alternative in NYC. When you think of Bowery the first thing that comes to mind is not […]

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Suspense, Mystery, and Romance Make “Aztec Midnight” a Must-Read

If you had told me to sit down and read a book that was a few parts Mexican drug cartel, one part archaeological mystery, one part international politics, with a couple dashes of romance and suspense to top it off, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. Needless to say, those types of books don’t often fall […]

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In New York It’s All About the Waffles

Their yellow trucks wafting tantalizing smells throughout the streets have become about as iconic as the shops of 5th Avenue. These trucks and food carts are home to Wafels & Dinges, the popular waffle-touting company that, since its inception in 2007, has won over the famously cold New York heart. With numerous awards under their belt, including Best Dessert Truck […]

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