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KFC is Finger Lickin’ Good Again

Monday was a little less dreary than usual (despite the rain) thanks to spending the morning with KFC. Various media outlets were called together for what was promised to be a big announcement about the brand. We were greeted by president of KFC US, Jason Marker, who announced that the iconic chain will be implementing major changes dubbed “re-colonelization,” with […]

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Mean Mr. Mustard…

“…Sleeps in the park, shaves in the dark.” Just kidding. Maille Mustard is definitely the antithesis of the curmudgeonly old man the Beatles sing about in this popular song. Vibrant and upscale, Maille mustard boasts 268 years of churning out fine products using top quality ingredients. Maille treats all of their products with great care, the same way you would a […]

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Till & Sprocket is the New Hot Spot

It may not have been around long, but that doesn’t mean that the charm of Chelsea’s Till & Sprocket hasn’t made an impression on the neighborhood. The intimate New American spot retains old school elements like worn brick walls and metal piping from its former stint as a fur showroom, but has updated the space has new, modern elements like […]

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“Buried Child” and the Comfort of my Home HD

When you hear the word Broadway what comes to mind? Is it the thousands of streets named Broadway? Or is it the one region where theater magic happens at its “best”? The shining names, the big stars, the intricate sets with music to make you dance through the night. Going to Broadway is an experience, plain and simple. It is […]

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Learn to Make A Duck Confit Baguette & Cook with Music

Some pairings are no brainers. Peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, bacon and eggs. But we’re bringing you a whole new pairing that’ll satisfy more than your sense of taste. Brooklyn-based rockers The Junkie Twins know that music can only make things taste better. Led by Australian brothers Anthony and David Gill and supported by bassist Emile Griffith, this […]

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