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Every New Yorker Can Receive A Virtual Doorman With This New App

Living in a big city, like, say, Manhattan, is amazing. There is almost everything right at your fingertips, or around the corner, or perhaps a few subway stops away. The point is that New York City essentially offers you anything you’d like, at basically any time. “Time” being a key word in that statement because, if you’re a New Yorker, […]

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The Dash of Bitters in Your Cocktail

Every bartender knows that the key to making the ideal cocktail includes bitters. A popular ingredient in drinks prior to prohibition, bitters have been around for centuries and have gained popularity in recent years with the rise of craft cocktails. One company that left their mark on the cocktail industry is The Bitter Truth, with their wide selection of bitters and […]

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Summer ’16 Rooftop Destinations to Try All Season

It’s warming up out there, and any New Yorker knows what that means: drinking on rooftops. New York has a finite amount of space, and since we lack the possibility of expanding sideways, we opt for building up and up.  Rooftop bars are in abundance simply because when we want to be outside, we go up. Whether it’s a super […]

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Inside the Bad Boys Reunion After Party

They ain’t goin’ nowhere! The Bad Boys Reunion tour kicked off at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn this past Friday, and afterwards, Stage 48 hosted the #MoneyPowerRespect after party. The party, located in Hell’s Kitchen, kicked off with some amazing music by DJ SNS, Kid Nu and DJ Boogie. Once the concert ended, hosts Jadakiss, Ma$e and Lil’ Kim arrived […]

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Inside This Year’s Mermaid Lagoon Benefit

What do you get when you combine mesmerizing music, oysters, state-altering elixirs and beautifully dressed mermaids — the 6th Annual Mermaid Lagoon Benefit, of course.   Transformed into an aquatic oasis, guests returned to the House of Yes for the decadent benefit. Guests and performers alike dressed in their best oceanic attire to support Orca Network in their quest to […]

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6 Things I Learned The Hard Way About Moving in NYC

Moving sucks. Don’t get me wrong — the end result is (hopefully) awesome, but the process is long, hard, sweaty and filled with annoyances. When I first moved to New York, it was my first time picking out my own place and living completely on my own (well, with a roommate). I had no idea what made a neighborhood desirable, […]

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Bright Colors Are the Theme of Filthy HAANZ’s New Collection

“Work hard, play hard” is not only the mantra of New Yorkers, but it’s also the theme of Canada-based Filthy Haanz’s new Resort ’16 collection. Under the creative direction of Wilber Tellez, the collection is geared towards trendsetting young professionals. Celebrating the launch of its Resort 2016 collection, Filthy HAANZ took the party to New York City and no surprise […]

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Swork Your Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

I have never really been a believer in fitness apps, or the Instagram and Facebook videos that show you easy-to-do workout routines. I am an old fashioned type of girl, which means you can probably find a Taebo VHS tape somewhere in the back of my closet. After gaining a bunch of unwanted weight last year, I decided that this year I needed to […]

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The Bookseller: An Unpredictable Paranormal Thriller

The Bookseller, by C. Robert Cales, tells the stories of three different people from completely different walks of life. George Saunders lives with his wife Elizabeth above their rare book store in a small town outside of Boston. They are visited by an old friend, Frank Richter, who owns a funeral home and comes to visit to gift them a […]

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“In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play” Reeks of True Artistry

Period pieces off-off Broadway get a bad rep. It has to do with preconceived ideas of what you are about to see. Because somethings gotta give, right? Most of these companies do not have a third of what a Broadway (and many Off-Broadway) production companies have, yet they dare to go into a genre that demands a lot to be […]

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