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Cool Choice is the Supplement You Need

Staying healthy is really important to me – and it should be to you, too! I take my daily vitamins, go to the gym regularly, and cook at home when I’m not required to go out and review restaurants. But sometimes you need a little extra boost – which is why I was so excited to learn about Cool Choice. […]

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Flashing Those Pearly Whites with Rob Lowe

Earlier this week, Rob Lowe joined Crest to help launch the Crest Healthier Smiles Project, which is a nationwide education program about the importance of good oral care for children. Along with the PTA and Feeding America, the project will donate 5 tubes of toothpaste to those who need it most if you take a picture of your smile and […]

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There’s Nothing Scary About Switching to Verizon FiOS

For all you New Yorkers still using Time Warner Cable…what’re you waiting for?! When I used that service, my cable cut in and out all the time and my internet was slow. Verizon FiOS uses fiber optics to give you the fastest internet speed and it also has plenty of TV channels and the best on demand selection I’ve seen. […]

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by / on September 28, 2016 at 1:00 pm / in Food For Thought

Top Concoctions at The Great Big Bacon Picnic

Bacon. It’s arguably one of the best foods on the planet. Vegetarians may disagree, but that’s only because they’re missing out. This past weekend, The Great Big Bacon Picnic took over the Old Pfizer Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, giving New Yorkers more than just a taste of their favorite meat. The indoor/outdoor festival lucked out with a beautiful weather weekend, […]

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Rihanna Does it Again with #FentyxPuma

Rihanna’s newest collaboration, Fenty x Puma, is an homage to the duality of her personality: luxury meets bad ass. RiRi takes the concept of athleisure to a whole new level, emphasizing the dark undertones reminiscent of her music. The overwhelming quantity of black in the collection prompted Rihanna to describe the line as “If the Addams Family went to the […]

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“Chokehold” Tries to be Important, but Falters

In 2009, Oscar Grant was shot by the police after a small dispute with another person. He didn’t deserve to be shot and murdered, but he was. He wasn’t the first or the last, and with internet and the world wide web taking over, we have seen many new examples of this since then. A movement was started, people rallied, […]

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by / on September 23, 2016 at 11:30 am / in Get Cultured

Heading to the Movie Theater Has Never Been So Easy

Movie buffs, prepare to get psyched. Recently launched, Atom Tickets is about to revolutionize the way we go to the movies. The app, which is backed by major studios such as Disney, Fox and Lionsgate, provides reviews, trailers and synopses to help users make the right movie choices. You can invite friends to purchase tickets and join you at a […]

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Donovan Green’s Chair Workouts App Makes Working Out Easy & Convenient

We always make resolutions during the beginning of the year, whether it’s to save money or lose weight, we somehow lose track of those resolutions. One of the reasons why is because we need that extra push or we need to change the way that we do what we need to do to achieve those resolutions. When it comes to […]

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by / on September 21, 2016 at 3:58 pm / in Til the Sun Comes Up

Roxx Reloaded: A Fan Favorite Gets a Face Lift

If you’re walking through Midtown East, it is highly possible that you’ll walk right past Sushi Roxx, and outrageous and all around fun restaurant of Real Housewives fame. Don’t let its docile exterior fool you; inside lies a raucous and completely wondrous take on an establishment serving Japanese cuisine. If you’re unfamiliar, all of the servers at Sushi Roxx are […]

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“Missed Connections: A Craigslist Musical” is an Ode to Our Bizarre Nature

People are strange. We are, we all are. Let’s admit this. We are full of oddities that make us unique; in fact, it is the oddities that make each of us a person. Most people are comparable to another person, very few are considered special in the grand scheme of things. That’s because people are ashamed of sharing those little […]

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