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End of the Year Celebration: Top 10 Off and Off-Off Broadway Productions of 2016

Last year I started this article with a celebration of surviving the madness that is the holiday season. Well, this year I start this with a big: WE SURVIVED 2016! What a year, folks! There are many reasons we will remember 2016, some great, some not so great. Mostly we will remember this year as the potential moment that changed […]

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Cover Your Bases for New Year’s Eve

People tend to put a lot of pressure on celebrating New Year’s Eve. Some people trek through the cold and crowded mobs at Times Square to watch the ball drop, some spend weeks looking for the perfect outfit to attend the perfect party, and some spend days prepping the perfect spread to entertain their guests with. But prepping for New […]

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Just Another Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Oh, you know…just another holiday gift guide for all you last minute shoppers. Somehow the holidays always manage to sneak up on us, but we’ve got an eclectic mix of gifts to suit everyone on your shopping list. Perfect for any man in your life, be it a friend, husband, boyfriend or father, UncommonGreen‘s glassware collection is out of this […]

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Make a Pit Stop at Nashville’s Embers Ski Lodge

Thinking of visiting Nashville, Tennessee? Make sure to stop in at Embers Ski Lodge. It’s not exactly a ski lodge, which is what initially came to mind when I was introduced to the recently opened establishment. It’s your soon-to-be favorite Pacific Northwest-inspired bar and restaurant. Located in the trendy 12South neighborhood, Embers offers the warmth and camaraderie of a ski lodge […]

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Spoon: A Cozy Addition to NoMad

Tucked away on a quiet stretch of Madison Avenue is a homey restaurant invoking the feeling of a small town. White wood walls give it a seaside vibe, and all the manic energy of the city outside quietly melts away as your sip your first glass of wine from an interesting and off the beaten path wines-by-the-glass list. Years of […]

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‘Tis the Season for Merry Cocktails

Warm up your winter festivities with some of these outstanding boozy cocktails. No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, this time of year should be enjoyed. Twists on your favorite holiday classics, and new and exciting libations comprise our list of cocktails that you need to be drinking right now. War on Winter (Courtesy of Canadian Club) 1 part Canadian Club […]

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“Alligator” is a Tale of Two Plays; One Has Bite

Life is not pretty. It usually isn’t. We go through it romanticizing moments to create beautiful narratives that makes memories that have the glamour they lacked when they happened. This practice is even extended to how we remember places and write them in history. This way we end up with a life sometimes more worth living than if we decide […]

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Stocking Stuffers: Beauty Edition

The holidays are a great time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. And that extends to your beauty routine. With festive holiday parties and get togethers happening left and right, it’s the perfect time to glam it up in a whole new way. Here are some of our favorite bold make-up choices to sneak into […]

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Alcohol You Definitely Want for the Holidays

It’s that time of year where the parties are plentiful, the food is bountiful and the alcohol is overflowing. During the holidays, everyone gets a bit more cheerful and we aren’t complaining. With all of the holiday parties and festivities that are sure to be popping up on your calendar, it’s important to be prepared. Sure, you can bring the […]

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“Old Times” Haunts Us with the Past

The ghosts of our past are ones we have to learn to live with. They exist around us, stick to us, drain our spirit if we let them. In “Old Times” by Harold Pinter, the ghosts of the past are real and they invade the present life of a couple that has escaped the big city and its ghosts to […]

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