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Argentinian Cuisine on the Upper East Side

Chimichurri Grill East is a stone’s throw away from Bloomingdale’s, but this peaceful stretch of 61st Street couldn’t feel farther away from the hustle and bustle of Midtown shopping. Soft lighting welcomes you into the bar at the base of this classic Upper East Side townhouse, where you have the option of dining in one of three rooms: the bar, […]

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Representation Matters: Rebecca Aparicio

  To be an actual immigrant in this country of immigrants, is to be a sort of an outsider with a foot in the door. We pride ourselves on being the land of the free, but sadly as the last representation matters article explained, it’s been proven through history that we are only to be presented if we are white washed […]

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“Toys: A Dark Fairy tale” Explores How Different Beings Connect

A connection is something so important that it can transcend distance, cultures, differences, races… everything. The process of creating a connection can be instant and peaceful, it could feel like fate intervened so that it happened. It could also be the opposite, a violent and breaking process that interconnects two ideals that usually don’t connect. It’s this brutal undertaking that […]

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Representation Matters: Ricki Lynée

I was an actor once. I wanted to be a film director, but I went to an acting class and it was love. I trained for years, did a lot of college productions and some in NYC. I got myself a manager and had offers coming. To the bare eye, things were looking up! But the thing is, they weren’t. […]

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Whiskey Feast Comes to NYC

Anyone who regularly reads Manhattan with a Twist knows that I’m no stranger to whiskey. So when I heard that an event called Whiskey Feast is coming to the city this weekend, I knew I had to learn more. This amazing food and drink festival from Cannonball Productions (they’re the superstars behind the Bacon and Beer Classic), will take place […]

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“Game of Thrones: The Rock Musical” is a Bloody Good Time in Westeros

The beauty of art is that it’s subjective, that it allows artists to create and bend rules to give their audiences what they want. Some go for deep and complex plotting that question the philosophical aspects of our everyday life. Others are musicals in which the desire to express something is so big, they have to sing to be able […]

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Guinness Celebrates Its 200th Birthday in America

Two hundred years ago, a man named Benjamin Guinness used a roasted grain called Black Patent Malt as the foundation of Guinness stout as Americans know it today. Complete with a bespoke canvas bag printing station, live music, and snacks that included fried chicken and mashed potatoes in a cone, Guinness spared no expense at creating a warm, welcoming environment […]

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