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Where to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in New York City

Planning a special evening for Valentine’s Day can be stressful, and with so many fabulous restaurants in New York City, it can be hard to narrow down where to go. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite dining deals happening for this romantic holiday to make it easier. The Beekman is one of the most charming spots in Manhattan and […]

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Hunker Down for a Night Out at Bell Book & Candle

An intimate, cozy restaurant in the charming West Village, Bell Book & Candle‘s rustic den vibes are a welcome beacon during these cold and blustery months. Comprised of multiple rooms, the restaurant gives guests an intimate feeling while being able to accommodate many. You can even opt to reserve the chef’s table, giving you private access to dining alongside the […]

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Vietnamese: Not Just for Dinner

On a busy stretch of Lafayette Street in Soho, it seems there is always a crowd of people waiting for a table. If it’s a weekend, nine times out of ten it’s for Jack’s Wife Freda, with a few stragglers from Ed’s Lobster Bar, but the real move is an unassuming Vietnamese restaurant called BòCàPhê. Having walked down this street […]

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Ben and Jerry’s Launches New Pint Slice Flavors!

I have yet to meet a person on planet earth that doesn’t love Ben and Jerry’s. Their innovative flavors continually have people coming back for more and they are always adding new and exciting products into the fold. I’ve been a fan of their Pint Slices since they first launched, and now they have two new flavors! Amaze-Mint is definitely […]

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A Review of Strange Sun Theater’s “Wickedest Woman”

A modern audience that sees the world premiere of Wickedest Woman during its run at the WP Theater will know abortion as a controversial topic. The morality of the medical procedure is frequently contested as states introduce laws to restrict access to abortion. This narrative would be familiar to the real Ann Lohman, aka “Madame Restell,” the midwife and abortionist whose […]

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Soho Cigar Bar Celebrates 20 Years in NYC

Speakeasies have insured that New Yorkers enjoy stepping back in time once in a while, but for those looking for a different kind of night out, Soho Cigar Bar (formerly Circa Tabac) brings with it all of the 1920s nostalgia you’ve come to love, along with the addition of fine cigars. Last night, New York’s oldest cigar bar and lounge celebrated its […]

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by / on January 15, 2019 at 2:00 pm / in Blushing Beaut

A New Kind of Fitness Studio Comes to the UES

Late last year I wrote about a fitness studio in Brooklyn that was introducing a class that focused solely on stretching and it seems that trend is taking off. Stretch Relief is a new fitness studio on the Upper East Side that focuses solely on stretching and recovery — a part of fitness we often neglect. They offer three different […]

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An Anthology of Evil Men: A Step Forward or Backward for #MeToo?

Esme Oliver’s memoir An Anthology of Evil Men is a no holds barred tell-all that vacillates between the challenges faced by a woman in love, and the challenges faced by a woman in the workplace. As Oliver grapples with what to do with her life, from her first job on Capitol Hill, to law school, to a high-powered law firm […]

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Your Next Favorite Kombucha: Bear’s Fruit

I have to admit – when kombucha first became mainstream and popular a few years ago, I was not on board. I just didn’t like the taste. Fast-forward to now and things couldn’t be more different. I’m obsessed. I drink it at least every week, if not every day. So what exactly is kombucha and what are its health benefits? First […]

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Is New Movie Escape Room Worth A Watch?

  There’s no better way to start the new year than by watching a good thriller (I rang in the New Year by watching a scary movie, I have an addiction). Escape Room, a new psychological thriller, brings together six strangers who must solve clues and puzzles or meet a much more sinister end than expected. Escape rooms have become […]

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