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#203 Brings Classic and Timeless Jewelry to the US



With the amount of jewelry makers out there it is always hard to find that one brand that is unique and puts effort, love, and hard work into developing classic and beautiful pieces for their consumers. #203 Jewelry is a brand that features handmade fine jewelry by designer Kousuke Ohdate. This is the first time that the brand will be available to U.S. consumers since the debut of the brand in 2013, so we can now enjoy the beautiful handmade jewelry from Japan!


The brand itself has three different collections. We have the main collection, which is the #203, a fine jewelry collection for women. There is also the bridal collection for men and women that features exquisite handmade engagement and marriage rings. We then have 3 stars 1 carat, which is a men’s collection that features a variety of rings, necklaces, and bracelets.


#203 is a brand that meticulously creates these pieces to ensure that the final product is exactly what the designer envisioned and what consumers are attracted to. This ensures that the pieces will be timeless, which is well worth the time, effort, and hard work taken to create each piece. The pieces available range from $150 to $1,200. Not only is this a unique brand that offers a different meaning and perspective to what timeless and classic jewelry is, but it is also affordable enough that a lot of us can afford to purchase some of these items for those special moments in our lives. While looking through their online website the one item that really did catch my eye and that I am coveting is their Candy Jewel Ring which features a double bang and beautiful, bright, stones like the turquoise one that I have my eye on.


If you want to see how the jewelry is made make sure to check out their Vimeo video so that you can witness the hard work that goes into creating these pieces of art. To learn more and shop from the three collections make sure to visit their website.

Twisted Talk: What do you think of #203? Which collection are you more interested in purchasing from and why? Discuss below!

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