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5 Must-Have Apps for Adventure Seekers


Calling all adventurers! It’s that time of year that it’s finally starting to warm up, which makes it perfect to get outdoors and flex those exploration muscles. Of course, if thrill-seeking is on your agenda, it’s always imperative that safety comes first. We’ve compiled a great list of apps that will help you to get your fix of adventure this summer, while making sure no harm befalls you. Whip out that smartphone, connect seamlessly to your Verizon service, and get that download finger primed and ready!


SnakeBite911 - Hospital Locator

This unique app really caters to a certain crowd, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its place in the market. If you find yourself in desert terrain on hikes or outdoor activities often, it would be wise to click the download button on this app. Users have access to a full database of snakes should you find yourself bitten. The app details how to proceed following a snake bite with specific Do’s and Don’ts, information and maps to the nearest emergency rooms that have anti-venom for your specific bite and much, much more.

SAS Survival Guide


A former SAS soldier and instructor brings app users a handy version of top notch survival skills that can benefit anyone, no matter what situation you may find yourself in. The book has been around for years, but now it is accessible in a handy app, which contains first aid , survival checklists, a sun compass, a photo gallery of medicinal, edible and poisonous plants and so much more.

Adventure Junky


This fun app is gamified for adventure seekers across the globe. Users are able to browse through the app’s curated list of guided adventures, complete with itineraries, images, and booking right in the app. You can create your own bucket list, check in to the adventures you take, earn points and rewards for your adventures, and send, share and follow adventures with your friends and the community.



Super adrenaline junkies will love RadarScope, which allows users to track tornados, severe thunderstorms and flash floods, tells you how far away you are from them, the duration and gives you real time updates for storms. You can access current warnings, details and even see pictures of the storms, making this a great app for storm chasers.

Paddle Ready


Kayakers, white water rafters, paddleboarders, surfers or anyone who spends time out on the water can benefit from this app. Not only does it contain safety and gear checklists, but it also gives users access to float plans, river levels, surf and tide forecasting and even allows you to find instructors near you.

Twisted Talk: Would you find any of these apps useful? What are some of your favorite apps? Discuss below!

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