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’90s Kids, Relive Your Childhood


Hey '90's Kids, You're Old featuring Marc Hallworth, Alan Belerique, Isabel Kannan, Simon Lee, Hana Holubec, and Alexander Steele Zonjic Photo credit Arthur Poirier

New York’s beloved Frigid Theater Festival is in full swing. On the agenda this year is a new show written and directed by Taryn Parrish called Hey ’90s Kids, You’re Old. Having grown up in the 90s myself, I was really looking forward to seeing this show and reliving the glory years where Beanie Babies were the shit, pog wars were intense and Mr. Feeny was synonymous with God.

The show, presented by Hole Punch Productions, comes to the city after a sold-out run at the 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival where it won a Patrons’ Pick award. Entering the intimate Kraine Theater, I was already eagerly awaiting the show to begin as ’90s tunes brought me back down memory lane. The show is comprised of short skits, all of which take place during the current time, but paying homage to the ’90s. Audience members will finally discover what makes Ms. Frizzle’s Magic School Bus so magical and see two of their favorite elusive characters find love via online dating (we’re talking about you Waldo and Carmen).

Hey '90's Kids, You're Old featuring Alexander Steele Zonjic & Isabel Kanaan Photo credit Arthur Poirier

Chock full of ’90s nostalgia, this show was made for those whose childhood was formed by the decade. Not all of the skits were worthy of two thumbs up, but they will certainly all make you smile. We don’t want to give too much away as to what you can expect, but if you’re looking to relive the ’90s with some laughs without reading another BuzzFeed list rehashing your favorite trends and toys, this show is your best bet.

Now running through March 1st, the time window to snag tickets to this show is closing. Snag yours here.

Twisted Talk: Have you seen any Frigid Festival shows yet? What’s your favorite memory from the ’90s? Discuss below!


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