Til the Sun Comes Up — December 17, 2018 at 12:25 pm

A Krampus Holiday Experience



Back in October, famous New York City haunted house, Blood Manor, moved to a new location at 359 Broadway. During the holiday season, they are back at it, bringing holiday cheer and holiday fear to the masses. Here you can experience the immersive Krampus Holiday Experience, as well as Santa’s Broadway Photo Factory. 



Thanks to A Nightmare Before Christmas, we know that the merging of Halloween and Christmas can be super fun. This experience pays homage to Krampus, a horned half-goat, half-demon creature from European folklore who punishes children during the Christmas season children who have misbehaved. At Blood Manor, guests walk through the Krampus-themed haunt, attempting to collect coins to win their freedom from the terrifying krampus you meet at the end. Should you make it out alive, you will then be transported, in stark contrast, to a winter wonderland that even Buddy the Elf would love. Complete with elves, penguins, and even Santa, you can snap holiday photos to your heart’s content.



This is a super unique holiday experience to add to your bucket list in the coming weeks. While there’s plenty of fun holiday pop-ups in New York City, there’s none quite like this!

Click here to check for holiday hours and purchase tickets!

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