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A New Cookie to Win Your Heart



One of the best things about cookies is that they’re always in season. The bad thing about cookies is that they always look good, but they don’t always taste good. Luckily, that is far from the case with Cookies Anonymous. Founder Keith, along with his business partner Steve, is passionate about his company. Growing up in a home where baking was the norm, he grew up learning how to perfect his craft. After a long run in the finance world, Keith decided to switch gears and follow his heart into the world of baking. Starting off with a simple recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, the company grew to create innovative and equally delicious flavors — from matcha green tea to maple bacon.

All of the Cookies Anonymous cookies are made with real, natural ingredients and zero preservatives. Taking a bite into one of their cookies is like a breath of fresh air (but better, ’cause cookies). They taste immensely fresh, completely natural, and super delicious. Thicker than your average cookie, these cookies pack the perfect amount of sweetness and pizazz into each bite…they just might even give Levain a run for their money. Even flavors you wouldn’t necessarily die to get your hands on, like their lemon coconut cookie will have you coming back for more.


They recently even launched a creative twist on the classic black and white cookie — reinventing it to contain half double chocolate and half double white chocolate in one scrumptious cookie. Currently selling their goods at the LIC Flea, Cookies Anonymous can also be purchased online. And we suggest you do. I mean, they even have a Crunch Berries cookie. Honestly, I’ve been dreaming about these cookies since I tried them and I can’t wait to get my hands on more. (If you want to get me a present, now’s your chance!)

Twisted Talk: Have you tried Cookies Anonymous yet? What’s your favorite kind of cookie? Discuss below!


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