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A New Kind of Fitness Studio Comes to the UES



Late last year I wrote about a fitness studio in Brooklyn that was introducing a class that focused solely on stretching and it seems that trend is taking off. Stretch Relief is a new fitness studio on the Upper East Side that focuses solely on stretching and recovery — a part of fitness we often neglect.

They offer three different group classes: Foam Rolling 101 (25 minutes), Endurance Stretch (25 minutes) and Yoga (1 hour). We stopped by to check out their endurance stretch class, which quickly goes through stretching various parts of the body utilizing foam rollers and ropes. It’s a great introduction to stretching, especially if you aren’t particularly familiar with how to do it properly.


They also offer one-on-one stretching sessions which are tailored specifically for each individual’s particular needs. Every new client receives a personalized assessment using techniques developed by Corrective Exercise Specialists. Each assessment starts with a warm-up, followed by use of a Hypervolt Massage Device to increase blood flow and circulation to allow for a deeper stretch.

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Stretch Relief founder Amit Malik states, “From elite athletes, to casual runners, to those who simply spend too much time hunched over their computers, nearly everyone can benefit from stretching.” And it’s so true. It’s often the most neglected aspect of wellness and it’s finally having its moment in the limelight. Learning from classes at Stretch Relief, clients will become more comfortable stretching on their own and incorporating the techniques they learn into their regular routine.

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