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A New York Kind of Christmas


We’ve got five awesome options for gifts for New Yorkers. Or former New Yorkers. Or to-be New Yorkers. Or non-Yorkers. All of the above. These are the New Yorkiest of gifts to give this holiday season.

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If you have any tots in your life you need to dress, consider Wyatt Lily, a cheeky New York City fashion boutique. Both the store, located on the Upper West Side, and the online shop, sell some adorable NY-based t-shirts ($28) that are so much more fun than the ones you find in Times Square.


This is one book you won’t want to miss. Whether a New Yorker or not, My New York: Celebrities Talk about the City ($35), is one of the most interesting reads you can gift this year. The book, by Alessandra Mattanza, features profiles on some of the most famous faces of the City, including Robert DeNiro, Taylor Swift, Al Pacino, Mario Batali, and many more. Their stories and insights into the City, along with breathtaking photography of iconic and lesser known spots, make it a treasure.


New York City wouldn’t run without its subways, and even if you have a love/hate relationship with the G train, you have to admit, NYC would be way harder to get around without the subway. These NYC Subway Line Reversible Totes ($68) are the perfect gift for any New Yorker…plus, you can never get lost while carrying it around!

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New Yorkers are notorious for being ahead of the crowd. We are the first to be in the know of new things, live life to the fullest, and aren’t afraid to try new things. Go Dream (price varies by experience) is a new experiential gift company that just touched down in the Big Apple that sells gorgeously packaged gift cards to hidden and hard to find adventures across the city and beyond the boroughs. From glass blowing classes to hangover IVs, in-home sushi classes and stunt driving sessions, there is nothing on here you can’t find. Plus, the gift comes in an acrylic photo frame with the gift card inside, which can then be used to hold a pic from your experience!


Craft cocktails are becoming ever more popular and Brooklyn is home to some of the best distillers, mixologists, and bars in the country, making it a hotspot for cocktail culture. Brooklyn Spirits: Craft Cocktails and Stories from the World’s Hippest Borough ($27.34) is the first distillery to glass cocktail book. The book contains 70 cocktail recipes, as well as recipes for bitters, syrups and more. Even Manhattanites will like this one!

Twisted Talk: Do you know a New Yorker who would like these gifts? What’s your favorite? Discuss below!





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