Blushing Beaut — January 15, 2016 at 1:20 pm

A Quick Fix for the Girl on the Go



It can be tough sometimes for a girl on the go. Constantly running from one commitment to the next can leave you tired, disheveled, and, well, smelly. Enter: Squelch. Squelch is a compact odorless, natural spray that’s multiple uses can keep you sane on even the busiest of days. Not only does it remove unpleasant odors without leaving an overwhelming scent behind (ahem, perfume), but it also has the ability to remove stains! It works by breaking down the carbon bonds of molecules, which destroys odor right at the source, eliminating the smell. Their OdorBreak technology is unique in that it eliminates odor at the source, rather than masking it with another scent or perfume.


We’ve given Squelch the good ol’ college try, and we loved trying out all of its many uses. A quick spritz in the kitchen will remove the stank from your overflowing garbage bin, while unleashing it on your hair post-night out will thankfully relieve you of the horrific smell of bars and cigarette smoke that tend to cling to you for days.


Those with pets will also find this product useful, and it’s safe to spray on fur, skin, clothing and everything in between! I loved tossing the bottle into my gym bag, so that when I run errands after my workout I’m not the smelly kid on the subway. DSC03574

I really got to put Squelch to the test after having this fun photoshoot. Naturally, my niece decided to spit up over all of my clothes…Squelch to the rescue! Not only did it get out the stain, but it also got rid of the smell. Thank goodness. So if you find yourself as busy as I am, throw Squelch in your purse and see what amazing uses you can put it to.

Twisted Talk: What would you use Squelch for? Do you have trouble staying fresh when you’re on the go? Discuss below!



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