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A Revamped La Maison du Chocolat Coming to the UES



Last week, famed chocolate shop, La Maison du Chocolat‘s, Upper East Side location closed up shop in order to undergo impressive renovations. The chocolate boutique celebrated their three month closing with an epic bash fit for anyone with a sweet tooth. Master chef Nicolas Cloiseau and Director of US Operations Nora Hovanesian-Mann were both on hand to discuss the renovations (and the chocolate!).

maison-du-chocolate-1             maison-du-chocolat-macarons

The Madison Avenue location was the first New York City store, which has spurned quite a few other locations around Manhattan. During the three months that the shop will be closed, the boutique will be getting revamped and modernized, and fully equipped with a tea parlour.

maison-du-chocolat-3 maison-du-chocolat-chocolate-wall maison-du-chocolat-2

The final hurrah was a smashing success, literally, with a life-size dark and milk chocolate wall, which was ceremoniously smashed to bits for guests to take home. Attendees had a fun time wielding the mini hammer to break off their own small chunks of chocolate, revealing another smooth layer of chocolate in which you could engrave your name. Additionally, wine and champagne was served, along with a very large sampling of both their sweet and savory chocolates, as well as pieces of their tiramisu, cheesecake, and macarons.

If their ceremonial closing party was any indication of what’s to come for the reopening, you can bet your cocoa nibs we’ll be there.
Twisted Talk: Have you been to La Maison du Chocolat before? What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? Discuss below! 

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